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Career: Air Force National Guard

A Day in the life of a Air Force National Guard

The Air Force ROTC has scholarships to cover most of your college costs
As a member of the Air Force National Guard, you are required to serve for one weekend a month and two weeks a year (usually held during the summer) -- pretty decent hours. However, you are also subject to possible activation by the governor or President in order to respond to disasters. Part-time patriots learn skills like airplane refueling, flight control and even combat flying. There are also jobs available in maintenance, personnel, logistics and engineering.

Paying Your Dues

To join the Guard, one must be at least 17-years-old and a citizen or legal alien. The first phase of training is standard boot camp fare and lasts for six weeks. The second phase consists of a technical school, which varies in length depending on the type of job available to you. Finally, you will be sent to your local base for some on-the-job training. Throughout all of the training phases, you will be paid. In addition, because of the hours, the National Guard is not the primary source of income for most members; you'll need to think about a second job.

Associated Careers

The Air National Guard works closely with local law-enforcement agencies, fire and rescue, and various buildings projects.

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