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Best 379 Colleges

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Atlanta, GA
Students Say: "A historically black women’s institution, Spelman College has built a strong reputation for “molding intelligent, goal-oriented young ladies into determined, successful, free-thinking women.” Many pro..." More>>
University Park, PA
Students Say: "Immense “pride and a sense of community” pervade every aspect of life at Penn State. Students love the remarkable “school spirit” and “strong family feel” on this vibrant campus, and they are equally ..." More>>
New York, NY
School Says: "NYU is the largest private research university in America, yet retains a close-knit community that combines the intellectual atmosphere of a small- to medium-sized college with the myriad cultural off..." More>>
Newark, DE
School Says: "Founded in 1743, the University of Delaware is one of very few institutions who are both public and private (state-assisted with private charter). Students from every state and 100 foreign countries ..." More>>
Purchase, NY
Students Say: "In urging its students to "Think Wide Open," SUNY Purchase features "unique and artistic minds" within in its "wonderfully diverse community of people." Boasting both great value and close proxim..." More>>
Boston, MA
School Says: "Suffolk University is a comprehensive private university located on Boston's historic Beacon Hill. This global university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 70 areas of ..." More>>
Hamden, CT
School Says: "Quinnipiac: Three Campuses, One University. A thriving academic and residential university in a uniquely attractive New England setting in Hamden and nearby North Haven, CT. Founded in 1929, Quinnipia..." More>>
Albany, NY
Students Say: "Is SUNY Albany (UAlbany to those in the know) the perfect-sized school? Many here think so. Students describe it as “a big school numbers-wise that feels small.” Notes one student, “It has a very broa..." More>>
Binghamton, NY
Students Say: "SUNY Binghamton provides "the best bang for your buck"to "hard-working, high­ achieving kids" who want an "Ivy League workload at a SUNY school price." The school provides "students the ability to ..." More>>
Hampton, VA
Students Say: "Virginia’s Hampton University is one of the world’s top historically black univer- sities, offering students a progressive education in business, the sciences, and the liberal arts. This “school of tr..." More>>
Pittsburgh, PA
Students Say: "Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is a Catholic University that focuses on “guiding students to be involved, seek their interests, and be constructive members of society.” With around 6,000 undergradu..." More>>
Kingston, RI
School Says: "At the University of Rhode Island, students will find some of today's leading innovators, discoverers, and creative problem solvers offering a steady flow of big ideas to address global issues. From n..." More>>
Columbia, MO
Students Say: "The “gorgeous campus” at the University of Missouri is filled with “a diverse group of students who are eager to learn and a staff that is eager to teach them.” The school is all about “learning while..." More>>
Champaign, IL
School Says: "Established as a land-grant university in 1867, the University of Illinois is committed to teaching, research, and public engagement. Illinois offers unlimited opportunities with 150+ majors, 1,000+ s..." More>>
Hempstead, NY
School Says: "Find Your Pride and Purpose at Hofstra University At Hofstra University, our students learn and grow on a campus that offers engaging classes, exceptional facilities and resources, dedicated faculty,..." More>>
Fredericksburg, VA
School Says: "Founded in 1908, UMW has a rich tradition of academic excellence. We celebrate the fact that everyone thinks differently. It's the reason we keep classes small, dynamic, highly interactive, and it's w..." More>>
Newport News, VA
Students Say: "Christopher Newport was an English seaman and captain of “the largest of the three ships that brought the Jamestown settlers to the New World.” Over 400 years later, Christopher Newport University “is..." More>>
Burlington, VT
Students Say: "At The University of Vermont—”a mid-sized university in a cute town that offers a quality education”—you’ll get that quintessential college experience: a relaxed but academically-focused atmosphere am..." More>>
Washington, DC
Students Say: "Noted for “outstanding achievements as an institution as well as the accom- plishments of a great majority of its alumni,” Howard University takes great pride in preparing students “to compete on a lo..." More>>
Pittsburgh, PA
Students Say: "A few of the most common words students at The University of Pittsburgh use to describe their alma mater are: “value,” “research,” “academics,” and “home.” This “top research university” offers a “wor..." More>>