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    See the World

    International travel can add a new dimension to lifelong learning. AIU's Study Abroad Program makes it possible for you to earn academic credit in your field of interest while experiencing the cultural, social and historical riches of some of the world's greatest overseas cities.

    Begun in 1989, this program has developed a strong reputation for its personal approach to international study, including:

    • Pre–departure counseling and advisement to students and institution representatives.
    • Onsite student support upon arrival in your chosen destination.
    • A strong, career–focused curriculum that offers numerous academic options.

    Best of all, AIU Study Abroad programs feature various start dates throughout the year to accommodate your current academic schedule.

    Study Abroad Destinations

    The AIU Study Abroad Program offers an exciting departure from traditional college studies. Now you can broaden your knowledge, widen your circle of friends and expand your appreciation of foreign culture in some of the world's most dynamic cities.

    • London, England *
    • Florence/Tuscany, Italy
    • Paris, France
    • Dubai, UAE

    AIU Study Abroad Programs

    • Business
    • Fashion Design & Marketing
    • Internships
    • Interior Design
    • Liberal Arts
    • Media Production
    • Visual Communication

    * Internships are available in areas such as business, media, marketing, fashion, and design at the London location.

    An Experience That Can Last a Lifetime

    Fewer than one percent of today's college students take advantage of one of the richest, immersive educational experiences available to them–studying abroad.

    The AIU Study Abroad Program exists for students who wish to experience culture beyond the classroom as part of their undergraduate education. The AIU Study Abroad Program believes that the value of education lies not just in what is learned in books and lecture halls but by real–world experiences designed to bring that knowledge to life.

    When you take advantage of an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and experience alternative perspectives on viewing the world, you can maximize the value of your education. The AIU Study Abroad Program has been designed to provide opportunities to meet new friends, build valuable professional relationships, and take home a genuine appreciation for how the world operates outside of the United States.

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