SAT Changes

Planning on taking the New SAT? Learn exactly what to expect on the new test and how you should be preparing.

Learn about recent SAT changes

About College

Requesting Services for Your Learning Disability

Many colleges offer services for students with learning disabilities - learn how to advocate for the support you need.

College Majors

Information about college majors, their importance, and how to select the right one.

The College Transfer Process

Here's an overview of the college transfer process, from why to how.

Communications Majors: Classroom to Career

Are you a Communications major looking to utilize strong media, public speaking & writing skills to launch your career? Get your dream job with these tips.

Community College

If you're unsure of your next educational step, consider attending a community college.


Extracurricular activities can be valuable experience. If you have a career or study interest that you can pursue outside the classroom, take advantage.

Handling Campus Homophobia

Most LGBTQ students will confront campus homophobia at some point. The experience will no doubt be challenging, but it does not need to be traumatic.

Choosing a Historically Black College or University

Many African—American students are unsure whether to attend a Historically Black College or University…

Top 10 College Majors

Each major offers unique intellectual challenges and develops skill sets that will be applicable to various careers.

Applying to College

Everything You Need To Know About Your College Application

Learn how to perfect every part of your college application.

How to Choose a Safety School

Learn how to choose admissions and financial safety schools that you would be happy to attend.

What's a Good SAT Score or ACT Score?

Did you get a good SAT score or ACT score? Well, it depends where you’re applying to college.

Contacting Colleges

E-mailing with a college admissions counselor? Keep these tips in mind to leave the right impression.

4 SAT Myths

The Princeton Review debunks 4 myths about the SAT.

Improving Your SAT or ACT Score

If you're not happy with low scores on the SAT or ACT standardized tests, don’t fret—you can raise your scores, and we can help.

Your PSAT Score Report

You should use your PSAT score report to identify your weaknesses, so you know what to work on as you prepare for the SAT.

Campus Safety

Here are the best resources and information available on campus safety.

Choosing to Apply Early

You've put together a list of schools, and there's one on there that makes your heart beat a little faster. Should you apply early?

The College Essay

The college essay is your chance to tell your own story. So what does set you apart?

How To Ace the College Interview

Learn how to master the college admissions interview with tips for how to prepare for the big day.

The College Visit

When it comes to research potential schools, there is nothing better than the college visit.

Common Essay Questions

How your college essay can boost your application to the top of the admissions pile.

Learning Disabilities and the SAT/ACT

If you have a learning disability, you can request special accommodations when you take the SAT or ACT.

The Letter of Recommendation

Competitive colleges use the letter of recommendation to assess your passions, goals and character. They want more than just a statistic.

Five Tips for Writing a Great SAT Essay

Here are five SAT essay secrets (ok, they’re not that secret) to help you earn a great score.

Financial Aid

Early Decision and Financial Aid

Learn the consequences of applying for admission early on your potential award package.

Comparing Award Packages

How to compare and evaluate award packages from different schools.

When Cost Is a Factor

The price tag of any college will rarely be the amount you need to pay. Find out when you should pay attention to the cost, and when you should ignore it!


If you're applying for college financial aid, you’ll have to complete the FAFSA. Here's how.

Federal Student Aid Timeline

Understand the timelines and deadlines for applying for federal student aid.

Financial Aid and Admissions: Two Separate Processes

Applying for admissions and applying for financial aid are two separate processes. Make sure you engage both.

Am I an eligible non-citizen?

Some non-citizens are eligible for federal student aid. Check these criteria to see if you are eligible.

Federal Grants

What are federal grants? Which federal grants are available?

How Does Federal Student Aid Work?

Applying for financial aid can be overwhelming. We'll help you break down tuition, EFC, and the aid package.

Guide to Federal Student Loans

Learn the basics about government student loans.

Independent Students and Financial Aid

Various test prep options available, pick one based on your own learning style: online, classroom, private tutoring.

Student Dependency Status

Will your parents need to volunteer their financial information?

Need-Based Aid Vs. Merit-Based Aid

Understanding the distinction between these two types of financial aid for college.

Searching for Scholarships

Various test prep options available, pick one based on your own learning style: online, classroom, private tutoring.

Paying the Bill with a Stafford Loan

You were awarded a Stafford loan. What do you do next?

Unmet Need and Private Loans

If you have unmet need, or your EFC is too high, your next option may be a private education loan

Positioning for College

SAT Survival Tips

Here are three SAT tips to help you be a smart test-taker.

Advanced Placement Classes and Exams

Why take AP classes and exams? There are several reasons you should consider enrolling in an Advanced Placement class in high school.

Appealing Your Award Package

Your award package is only an offer. If you require more aid, you may decide to appeal form more aid.

High School Testing Timeline

Not sure which test to take or when? We've put together a timeline and some recommendations you can follow.

Research and Decide

Guide to College for LGBTQ Students

At many colleges, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) community is a visible and valued part of campus life.

Finding the Right LGBTQ School

Advice for LGBTQ students choosing a college.

Guide to Choosing a College Major

Learn about important factors for choosing a college major.

To Defer Or Not to Defer: Is That Your Question?

Check out our advice on deferred enrollment at your college.

Find Your Best Fit College

The college search is not about getting into the best college. There is no school that is best for all students.

How to Tell if a College is LGBTQ–Friendly

There are tons of schools that go out of their way to provide resources and support for queer students. The key to finding a college where you’ll be comfortabl

Living on Campus as an LGBTQ Student

Tips to help LGBTQ students make a stress-free transition to dorm living.

How to Choose Match, Reach, and Safety Schools

Learn the differences between match, reach, and safety schools, and compile the right college list for you.


If you really want to attend a school that waitlisted you, here are some tips.

Sustainable Colleges

3 Reasons To Consider a Sustainable Campus

Choose a sustainable campus for a better quality of life. Here's what to look for.

12 Questions to Ask On Your Green College Visit

Bring these sustainability questions with you to campus to make the most out of your green college visit.

Spotlight on Green Majors

Think you know which college majors lead to careers in sustainability? This might surprise you.

Preparing You for the Growing Green Economy

Sustainable colleges prepare their students for the growing green economy. Here’s how.

Make The Most Out Of Your Green College Experience

Are you considering a school with a thriving green culture? Here’s how to get involved.