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    1. New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Newark, NJ
    • $23,116 Tuition
    • 1140 Avg SAT
    • 7,111 Enrolled

    NJIT is certainly a crown jewel within New Jersey’s public university system. Indeed, armed with a great reputation, NJIT offers undergrads “quality academic programs” at an “affordable” price. Students here truly appreciate that they are surrounded ...

    2. Tuskegee University

    Tuskegee, AL
    • $18,100 Tuition
    • 920 Avg SAT
    • 2,215 Enrolled

    For the past 132 years, Tuskegee University has strived to continue the legacy of higher learning created by Booker T. Washington and upheld by its other notable presidents and benefactors. The “rich history” of the school has always been about ...

    3. United States Coast Guard Academy

    New London, CT
    • $0 Tuition
    • 1260 Avg SAT
    • 896 Enrolled

    Students at the United States Coast Guard Academy recommend their school as "highly demanding, immensely rewarding, professionally oriented and the best choice to make the best friends you are ever going to have." .tviany appreciate the ...

    4. University of the Pacific

    Stockton, CA
    • $40,822 Tuition
    • 1180 Avg SAT
    • 3,810 Enrolled

    Educational diversity and strong academic programs bring many students to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The school “provides an array of opportunities to suit anyone.” “The accelerated programs in dentistry, law, and ...

    5. Albion College

    Albion, MI
    • $36,872 Tuition
    • 1110 Avg SAT
    • 1,268 Enrolled

    Armed with a “great reputation” and a “small-town feeling,” Albion College provides undergraduates with a “rigorous but rewarding” academic experience replete with “huge opportunities.” Students here truly appreciate that Albion works diligently to ...

    6. United States Military Academy

    West Point, NY
    • $0 Tuition
    • 1280 Avg SAT
    • 4,414 Enrolled

    Duty. Honor. Country. Having produced two U.S. presidents, numerous gener­ als, and 74 Medal of Honor recipients in its 210 years in existence, an institu­ tion such as West Point doesn't need to hear outside praise. The rigorous ...

    7. Wheaton College (MA)

    Norton, MA
    • $46,120 Tuition
    • 1240 Avg SAT
    • 1,587 Enrolled

    This historic Massachusetts institution, originally founded in 1834 as a female seminary, is now a “small liberal arts college” that provides “a top notch education” for “high performing students.” Wheaton is a school that “focuses strongly on ...

    8. Wabash College

    Crawfordsville, IN
    • $37,100 Tuition
    • 1130 Avg SAT
    • 926 Enrolled

    A “small, personalized, rigorous, elite institution” with an all-male student body, “Wabash College is a powerful small school that changes lives.” In a word, Wabash is all about “tradition.” The men here “live by a Wabash motto: ’Think Critically, ...

    9. Ohio Northern University

    Ada, OH
    • $27,500 Tuition
    • 1160 Avg SAT
    • 2,854 Enrolled

    From the School: Ohio Northern University (ONU) has a 95 percent job and graduate school placement rate. Its long-standing success is partly because of excellent professors, partly because of ambitious students, and partly because the ...

    10. Bates College

    Lewiston, ME
    • 1360 Avg SAT
    • 1,773 Enrolled

    A “small liberal arts college,” nestled in Maine, Bates College is dedicated to “empowering its students environmentally, academically, and socially.” The “picturesque” campus offers the traditional New England atmosphere but “with its own ...

    11. Vassar College

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    • $48,840 Tuition
    • 1400 Avg SAT
    • 2,418 Enrolled

    Vassar College is a small “academically challenging” school that offers a “perfect liberal arts feel” and seeks to broaden students’ perspectives. The “strong sense of community” is apparent both in and out of the classroom, where the school drums ...

    12. Hofstra University

    Hempstead, NY
    • $37,850 Tuition
    • 1140 Avg SAT
    • 6,904 Enrolled

    From the School: Discover Your Pride and Purpose at Hofstra University

    At Hofstra University, students live, work and study on a beautiful, state-of-the-art campus that’s only 25 miles east of Manhattan. Our 240-acre campus is ...

    13. Hillsdale College

    Hillsdale, MI
    • 1310 Avg SAT
    • 1,472 Enrolled

    From the School: Hillsdale College is a private, independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1844 by men and women who described themselves as “grateful to God for the inestimable blessings” resulting from civil and ...

    14. Wittenberg University

    Springfield, OH
    • $37,230 Tuition
    • 1120 Avg SAT
    • 1,948 Enrolled

    From the School: Wittenberg University offers a highly personal, active and engaged academic experience in a supportive environment that facilitates close interaction with award-winning faculty. Wittenberg enrolls approximately 1,900 ...

    15. College of the Holy Cross

    Worcester, MA
    • $46,550 Tuition
    • 1300 Avg SAT
    • 2,937 Enrolled

    This small, Jesuit liberal arts school in Massachusetts operates under a selfless mission statement of “men and women for others.” The school’s strong academic tradition marries with “countless opportunities to learn through internships, speaker ...

    16. DePauw University

    Greencastle, IN
    • $42,050 Tuition
    • 1200 Avg SAT
    • 2,216 Enrolled

    Serious-minded students are drawn to DePauw University for its “small classes,” “encouraging” professors, and the “individual academic attention” they can expect to receive. Academically, DePauw is “demanding but rewarding,” and “requires a lot of ...

    17. Truman State University

    Kirksville, MO
    • $13,160 Tuition
    • 1250 Avg SAT
    • 5,910 Enrolled

    From the School: Truman State University is Missouri's premier liberal arts and sciences university and the only highly selective public institution in the state. As one of the very few publicly funded liberal arts schools in the nation, ...

    18. Beloit College

    Beloit, WI
    • $42,220 Tuition
    • 1240 Avg SAT
    • 1,303 Enrolled

    From the School: Beloit College is a four-year, independent, national college of liberal arts and sciences in Southern Wisconsin. It is a college where great teaching and mentoring prepare students to lead lives of consequence and where ...

    19. Hampden-Sydney College

    Hampden-Sydney, VA
    • $38,018 Tuition
    • 1100 Avg SAT
    • 1,105 Enrolled

    The deep tradition of this all-male Virginia institution dates to 1775, and it is reflected in the idea that Hampden-Sydney is seen as “one of the best schools for a stepping stone to business, law and medicine careers.” With that in mind, ...

    20. Baylor University

    Waco, TX
    • $36,360 Tuition
    • 1230 Avg SAT
    • 13,859 Enrolled

    Located deep in the heart of Texas, Baylor is an educational powerhouse that helps undergraduates “achieve their academic potential” while simultaneously “guiding [and fostering] their moral and Christian values.” The university seamlessly ...

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