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    1. United States Coast Guard Academy

    New London, CT
    • $0 Tuition
    • 896 Enrolled
    • 620 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 610 Avg SAT Writing
    Students at the United States Coast Guard Academy recommend their school as “highly demanding, immensely rewarding, professionally oriented and the best choice to make the best friends you are ever going to have.” Many appreciate the “regimented ...

    2. New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Newark, NJ
    • $27,652 Tuition
    • 7,550 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    • 550 Avg SAT Writing
    NJIT is certainly a crown jewel within New Jersey’s public university system. Indeed, armed with a great reputation, NJIT offers undergrads “quality academic programs” at an “affordable” price. Students here truly appreciate that they are surrounded ...

    3. Albion College

    Albion, MI
    • $38,678 Tuition
    • 1,268 Enrolled
    • 530 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    Armed with a “great reputation” and a “small-town feeling,” Albion College provides undergraduates with a “rigorous but rewarding” academic experience replete with “huge opportunities.” Students here truly appreciate that Albion works diligently to ...

    4. Tuskegee University

    Tuskegee, AL
    • $18,100 Tuition
    • 2,215 Enrolled
    • 460 Avg SAT Reading
    • 460 Avg SAT Math
    For the past 132 years, Tuskegee University has strived to continue the legacy of higher learning created by Booker T. Washington and upheld by its other notable presidents and benefactors. The “rich history” of this historically black university ...

    5. University of the Pacific

    Stockton, CA
    • $40,822 Tuition
    • 3,810 Enrolled
    • 570 Avg SAT Reading
    • 610 Avg SAT Math
    • 580 Avg SAT Writing
    Educational diversity and strong academic programs bring many students to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The school “provides an array of opportunities to suit anyone.” “The accelerated programs in dentistry, law, and ...

    6. University of Connecticut

    Storrs, CT
    • $32,066 Tuition
    • 18,395 Enrolled
    • 610 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 600 Avg SAT Writing
    The University of Connecticut is an “academically strong, athletically powerful [and] environmentally aware” school that fosters “a strong sense of school pride.” The school “has big-time sports and activities in a large campus” while maintaining “a ...

    7. United States Military Academy

    West Point, NY
    • $0 Tuition
    • 4,414 Enrolled
    • 630 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 600 Avg SAT Writing
    Duty. Honor. Country. Having produced two U.S. presidents, numerous generals, and 74 Medal of Honor recipients in its 210 years in existence, an institution such as West Point doesn’t need to hear outside praise. The rigorous admission process (you ...

    8. Wheaton College (MA)

    Norton, MA
    • $47,390 Tuition
    • 1,587 Enrolled
    • 620 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    • 600 Avg SAT Writing
    This historic Massachusetts institution, originally founded in 1834 as a female seminary, is now a “small liberal arts college” that provides “a top notch education” for “high performing students.” Wheaton is a school that “focuses strongly on ...

    9. University of Scranton

    Scranton, PA
    • $40,644 Tuition
    • 3,998 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    The professors at the University of Scranton “really care about the students and always make themselves available to help students” and students feel that they are a “They are a great asset to” the learning experience. With “an outstanding record ...

    10. Mercer University

    Macon, GA
    • $33,480 Tuition
    • 2,747 Enrolled
    • 590 Avg SAT Reading
    • 600 Avg SAT Math
    • 560 Avg SAT Writing
    Mercer University is a Georgia institution anchored in Macon, consisting of a dozen colleges and schools and offering “big school opportunities with a small school environment.” The “active and welcoming atmosphere” offers “easy access to study ...

    11. Wabash College

    Crawfordsville, IN
    • $37,100 Tuition
    • 926 Enrolled
    • 550 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    • 520 Avg SAT Writing
    Intellectually and individually, Wabash College students live by “The Gentleman’s Rule,” which challenges “students to become a man who acts responsibly, thinks critically, leads effectively, and lives humanely.” One of only three remaining all-male ...

    12. Hofstra University

    Hempstead, NY
    • $39,400 Tuition
    • 6,904 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    Hofstra is a school synonymous with opportunity. Located on suburban Long Island, students find Hofstra’s “medium size” a great asset. Indeed, the university simultaneously “feels big, yet class sizes are small and [therefore] very conducive to a ...

    13. Hampden-Sydney College

    Hampden-Sydney, VA
    • $39,920 Tuition
    • 1,105 Enrolled
    • 550 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    • 520 Avg SAT Writing
    Something of an anomaly in higher education today, Hampden-Sydney is a small, all-male liberal arts school “focus[ed] on forming good men.” The Virginian college offers “a close-knit community of professors and students,” one where “tradition and ...

    14. Earlham College

    Richmond, IN
    • $43,500 Tuition
    • 993 Enrolled
    • 630 Avg SAT Reading
    • 630 Avg SAT Math
    • 610 Avg SAT Writing
    Given Earlham’s Quaker roots, it’s no surprise that undergraduates find the college to be “welcoming and accepting.” Located in Richmond, Indiana, this small school of 1,000 also “places a strong emphasis on community building and social justice,” ...

    15. Bates College

    Lewiston, ME
    • 1,773 Enrolled
    • 680 Avg SAT Reading
    • 680 Avg SAT Math
    • 680 Avg SAT Writing
    Located in Lewiston, Maine, Bates College is a small liberal arts college that invites intellectual exploration and tailors every education to the individual student. This “unbelievably tight-knit community” thrives on an “everyone is welcome” ...

    16. Vassar College

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    • $48,840 Tuition
    • 2,418 Enrolled
    • 710 Avg SAT Reading
    • 700 Avg SAT Math
    • 700 Avg SAT Writing
    Vassar College is a small “academically challenging” school that offers a “perfect liberal arts feel” and seeks to broaden students’ perspectives. The “strong sense of community” is apparent both in and out of the classroom, where the school drums ...

    17. Hillsdale College

    Hillsdale, MI
    • $23,840 Tuition
    • 1,472 Enrolled
    • 670 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 640 Avg SAT Writing
    Hillsdale College is home to “Socratic-style lectures,” and “a very strong reputation nationally [for taking] the idea of pursuing truth and liberty seriously.” Professors “hold the students to a very high (yet not unattainable) standard of quality ...

    18. College of the Holy Cross

    Worcester, MA
    • $46,550 Tuition
    • 2,937 Enrolled
    • 650 Avg SAT Reading
    • 660 Avg SAT Math
    • 660 Avg SAT Writing
    This small, Jesuit liberal arts school in Massachusetts operates under a selfless mission statement of “men and women for others.” The school’s strong academic tradition marries with “countless opportunities to learn through internships, speaker ...

    19. Beloit College

    Beloit, WI
    • $44,590 Tuition
    • 1,303 Enrolled
    • 620 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    Beloit College is a small, liberal arts institution with “phenomenal academics” where “people are committed to their work out of passion, not out of pressure.” As one student notes, “It’s more about the community than competitiveness.” Another says, ...

    20. Wittenberg University

    Springfield, OH
    • $37,230 Tuition
    • 1,948 Enrolled
    • 570 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    • 540 Avg SAT Writing
    Located in Springfield, Ohio, Wittenberg combines a “small school atmosphere” with “a wide horizon of learning opportunities.” The school offers “high academic standards and a dedication to research” that makes “an environment where students can ...

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