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    1. McGill University

    Montreal, QC
    • $5,500 Tuition
    • 1380 Avg SAT
    • 22,523 Enrolled

    A world class school in a great city (Montreal), McGill University has “a nearly unparalleled reputation” around North America and the world, and gives students “the tools [they] need, a positive environment,” and the space for them to make their ...

    2. United States Merchant Marine Academy

    Kings Point, NY
    • $0 Tuition
    • 1270 Avg SAT
    • 958 Enrolled

    Tucked away on Long Island, the United States Merchant Marine Academy offers students the chance to pursue a prestigious though rigorous and regimented education. Further, it allows undergrads to join “a group of elite students who work hard and ...

    3. New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Newark, NJ
    • $23,116 Tuition
    • 1140 Avg SAT
    • 7,111 Enrolled

    NJIT is certainly a crown jewel within New Jersey’s public university system. Indeed, armed with a great reputation, NJIT offers undergrads “quality academic programs” at an “affordable” price. Students here truly appreciate that they are surrounded ...

    4. Howard University

    Washington, DC
    • $22,737 Tuition
    • 1080 Avg SAT
    • 6,974 Enrolled

    Noted for “outstanding achievements as an institution as well as the accomplishments of a great majority of its alumni,” Howard University takes great pride in preparing students “to compete on a local and global level.” With “inspiring faculty and ...

    5. Hampton University

    Hampton, VA
    • $17,732 Tuition
    • 1050 Avg SAT
    • 3,851 Enrolled

    Virginia’s Hampton University is one of the world’s top historically black universities, offering students a progressive education in business, the sciences, and the liberal arts. This “school of tradition, family values, and excellent education” is ...

    6. University of Hawaii-Manoa

    Honolulu, HI
    • $30,696 Tuition
    • 1080 Avg SAT
    • 14,126 Enrolled

    The University of Hawaii—Manoa, the flagship school of the University of Hawaii system, offers a solid education and university experience at a competitive price. Students appreciate the diversity of the school—“not only of the students and staff, ...

    7. Portland State University

    Portland, OR
    • $22,050 Tuition
    • 1040 Avg SAT
    • 22,136 Enrolled

    Portland State University’s motto is “let knowledge serve the city,” and students echo this philosophy, saying their school “has a strong focus on civic engagement and sustainability.” “PSU is a great learning environment in the heart of the city” ...

    8. Trinity College Dublin

    Dublin, 2
    • $19,000 Tuition
    • 11,839 Enrolled

    Perhaps Ireland's most famous university, Trinity College Dublin is an idyllic, world famous institution that has carried on a 400-year-old tradition of schol­ arship on the Emerald Isle. This "beautiful and prestigious university" boasts a lot ...

    9. St. John's University (NY)

    Queens, NY
    • $37,870 Tuition
    • 1100 Avg SAT
    • 15,765 Enrolled

    Located in Queens, New York, St. John’s University is a Catholic university that provides its students with “events and other great opportunities for them to more easily reach the goals they have set for themselves.” The school has many strong ...

    10. University of California--Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, CA
    • $34,098 Tuition
    • 1320 Avg SAT
    • 29,633 Enrolled

    Undergrads at this esteemed university don’t mince words when boasting about all that UCLA has to offer. As a geography and environmental science double-major proudly declares, “There’s nothing that can’t be accomplished at UCLA. The possibilities ...

    11. University of California--San Diego

    La Jolla, CA
    • $36,334 Tuition
    • 1300 Avg SAT
    • 24,810 Enrolled

    UCSD is widely regarded by students as “one of the top science universities in the United States.” As a result, the school attracts bright students who benefit from “access to cutting edge technology and theories” and “great opportunities for ...

    12. State University of New York--Stony Brook University

    Stony Brook, NY
    • $19,590 Tuition
    • 1250 Avg SAT
    • 16,480 Enrolled

    Students at Stony Brook University get all the advantages of a “premiere science and research university,” while also benefiting from the diverse atmosphere and low tuition costs of a large public institution. The school has a “great reputation ...

    13. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

    Amherst, MA
    • $28,813 Tuition
    • 1220 Avg SAT
    • 22,252 Enrolled

    The University of Massachusetts Amherst “offers an incredible education at a relatively-affordable price.” As the “best state university in Massachusetts,” UMass is “a very well rounded school” that provides “top notch academics.” “UMass is a large, ...

    14. University of California--Berkeley

    Berkeley, CA
    • $34,098 Tuition
    • 1380 Avg SAT
    • 25,951 Enrolled

    The flagship campus of the University of California school system with a "highly respectable name," UC Berkeley "has great faculty, great research, great classes, and everyone knows it." The school "really encourages us to go out and learn, ...

    15. Manhattanville College

    Purchase, NY
    • $34,870 Tuition
    • 1060 Avg SAT
    • 1,798 Enrolled

    Located on a “beautiful, nature-filled campus,” the “small, but extremely diverse” Manhattanville College focuses on “building a community among all students.” Many students agree that “Manhattanville College is very good at playing to its ...

    16. Stevens Institute of Technology

    Hoboken, NJ
    • $42,920 Tuition
    • 1260 Avg SAT
    • 2,369 Enrolled

    From the School: Stevens, located in Hoboken, NJ on the Hudson River overlooking the Manhattan skyline, is a high-energy, highly engaged campus community. Our location feeds the lifestyle of Stevens' tech-oriented students: they are driven to ...

    17. Marywood University

    Scranton, PA
    • $30,942 Tuition
    • 1030 Avg SAT
    • 2,003 Enrolled

    Marywood University is well-known for offering some of the most unique and outstanding pre-professional programs of study in the Pennsylvania area. Students rave about the “really fantastic” education department, and they call the art therapy ...

    18. City University of New York--Queens College

    Flushing, NY
    • $16,050 Tuition
    • 1100 Avg SAT
    • 15,773 Enrolled

    As a senior college of the City University of New York, Queens College is an educational institution for locals. The large, diverse university sits upon eighty acres in the middle of Flushing, and offers (mainly locals and commuters) the chance to ...

    19. Drexel University

    Philadelphia, PA
    • $44,646 Tuition
    • 1200 Avg SAT
    • 16,896 Enrolled

    By far the biggest draw for students seems to be Drexel University’s cooperative education program that “gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop professionally in their field of study.” The co-op program is “an amazing ...

    20. University of Minnesota--Twin Cities

    Minneapolis, MN
    • 1310 Avg SAT
    • 34,351 Enrolled

    The University of Minnesota is a massive, well-run, public research university located in the Twin Cities. The science departments here are “across the board…superb,” and the prestigious Carlson School of Management is “one of the best business ...

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