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    1. Manhattanville College

    Purchase, NY
    • $34,870 Tuition
    • 1,798 Enrolled
    • 540 Avg SAT Reading
    • 530 Avg SAT Math
    • 540 Avg SAT Writing
    Located on a “beautiful, nature-filled campus,” the “small, but extremely diverse” Manhattanville College focuses on “building a community among all students.” Many students agree that “Manhattanville College is very good at playing to its ...

    2. United States Merchant Marine Academy

    Kings Point, NY
    • $0 Tuition
    • 958 Enrolled
    • 620 Avg SAT Reading
    • 650 Avg SAT Math
    Tucked away on Long Island, the United States Merchant Marine Academy offers students the chance to pursue a prestigious though rigorous and regimented education. Further, it allows undergrads to join “a group of elite students who work hard and ...

    3. New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Newark, NJ
    • $27,652 Tuition
    • 7,550 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    • 550 Avg SAT Writing
    NJIT is certainly a crown jewel within New Jersey’s public university system. Indeed, armed with a great reputation, NJIT offers undergrads “quality academic programs” at an “affordable” price. Students here truly appreciate that they are surrounded ...

    4. United States Coast Guard Academy

    New London, CT
    • $0 Tuition
    • 896 Enrolled
    • 620 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 610 Avg SAT Writing
    Students at the United States Coast Guard Academy recommend their school as “highly demanding, immensely rewarding, professionally oriented and the best choice to make the best friends you are ever going to have.” Many appreciate the “regimented ...

    5. University of Hawaii-Manoa

    Honolulu, HI
    • $30,696 Tuition
    • 14,126 Enrolled
    • 530 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    • 520 Avg SAT Writing
    The University of Hawaii—Manoa, the flagship school of the University of Hawaii system, offers a solid education and university experience at a competitive price. Students appreciate the diversity of the school—“not only of the students and staff, ...

    6. United States Naval Academy

    Annapolis, MD
    • $0 Tuition
    • 4,511 Enrolled
    • 620 Avg SAT Reading
    • 660 Avg SAT Math
    One of the nation’s most prestigious institutions, the United States Naval Academy provides undergraduates with the opportunity “to be among America’s next generation of leaders, and to represent the best this country has to offer.” Certainly, these ...

    7. Montana Tech of the Univ. of Montana

    Butte, MT
    • $20,512 Tuition
    • 2,751 Enrolled
    • 540 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    • 500 Avg SAT Writing
    Even if Montana Tech of the University of Montana weren’t one of the only tech institutes in the state, its excellent science programs and reputation for developing high quality engineers to send out into the workforce would keep its classrooms ...

    8. McGill University

    Montreal, QC
    • 25,081 Enrolled
    • 690 Avg SAT Reading
    • 680 Avg SAT Math
    • 690 Avg SAT Writing
    A world class school in a great city (Montreal), McGill University has “a nearly unparalleled reputation” around North America and the world, and gives students “the tools [they] need, a positive environment,” and the space for them to make their ...

    9. Clarkson University

    Potsdam, NY
    • $43,690 Tuition
    • 3,247 Enrolled
    • 570 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    • 550 Avg SAT Writing
    Located in northern New York, Clarkson University is best known for its strong business and engineering programs, and its exceptional record of career placement for graduates thanks to its “amazing reputation with a large range of companies.” The ...

    10. Illinois Institute of Technology

    Chicago, IL
    • $39,691 Tuition
    • 3,099 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 690 Avg SAT Math
    • 580 Avg SAT Writing
    Those looking for an easy academic experience will want to look elsewhere, as the Illinois Institute of Technology will “challenge you beyond what you think are your limits, and settle only for excellence.” Students in this Chicago-based school feel ...

    11. St. John's University (NY)

    Queens, NY
    • $37,870 Tuition
    • 15,765 Enrolled
    • 540 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    Located in Queens, New York, St. John’s University is a Catholic university that provides its students with “events and other great opportunities for them to more easily reach the goals they have set for themselves.” The school has many strong ...

    12. United States Military Academy

    West Point, NY
    • $0 Tuition
    • 4,414 Enrolled
    • 630 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 600 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: Students who are ready to change the world through their leadership, vision, and duty to country could find that the United States Military Academy at West Point is their best college choice. Established by President Thomas ...

    13. University of New Orleans

    New Orleans, LA
    • $19,907 Tuition
    • 7,152 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    The University of New Orleans is a public research university in one of the world’s most fascinating and unique cities. This “not too big, not too small” school is a “diverse environment that makes it a welcoming area to be” and provides “lots of ...

    California State University, Stanislaus


    14. California State University, Stanislaus

    Turlock, CA
    • $16,632 Tuition
    • 7,847 Enrolled
    • 450 Avg SAT Reading
    • 460 Avg SAT Math
    • 450 Avg SAT Writing
    One of the members of California’s noted state university system, Stanislaus “provides affordable education” that focuses on helping students prepare for their careers with a “professional, yet laid-back demeanor.” This is “a great environment to be ...

    15. Wesleyan College

    Macon, GA
    • $20,140 Tuition
    • 665 Enrolled
    • 500 Avg SAT Reading
    • 490 Avg SAT Math
    • 480 Avg SAT Writing
    To many of its students, the words “sisterhood” and “tradition” are synonymous with Wesleyan College. Founded in 1836, Wesleyan “was the first college [chartered] to offer degrees to women.” This private women’s college located in Macon, Georgia, is ...

    16. Portland State University

    Portland, OR
    • $22,050 Tuition
    • 22,136 Enrolled
    • 520 Avg SAT Reading
    • 510 Avg SAT Math
    • 500 Avg SAT Writing
    Portland State University’s motto is “let knowledge serve the city,” and students echo this philosophy, saying their school “has a strong focus on civic engagement and sustainability.” “PSU is a great learning environment in the heart of the city” ...

    17. Duquesne University

    Pittsburgh, PA
    • $33,778 Tuition
    • 5,995 Enrolled
    • 570 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    • 560 Avg SAT Writing
    Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is a Catholic university that focuses on “guiding students to be involved, seek their interests, and be constructive members of society.” With around 6,000 undergraduates and a “culturally-rich urban setting” in ...

    18. City University of New York--Queens College

    Flushing, NY
    • $16,050 Tuition
    • 15,773 Enrolled
    • 520 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    • 520 Avg SAT Writing
    As a senior college of the City University of New York, Queens College is an educational institution for locals. The large, diverse university sits upon eighty acres in the middle of Flushing, and offers (mainly locals and commuters) the chance to ...

    19. Alfred University

    Alfred, NY
    • $27,824 Tuition
    • 1,960 Enrolled
    • 540 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    • 520 Avg SAT Writing
    Alfred University is a small school with an impressive range of world-class majors. The school is known for its “excellent art program,” particularly its ceramics and glass majors, as well as for its engineering and psychology programs. While some ...

    20. Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    Indiana, PA
    • $17,050 Tuition
    • 12,130 Enrolled
    • 480 Avg SAT Reading
    • 480 Avg SAT Math
    • 460 Avg SAT Writing
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania maintains a simple way of doing things— provide students with an “inexpensive” education replete with “respected” programs. And the university has certainly delivered on those promises. Indeed, from the “good ...

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