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    1. Brigham Young University (UT)

    Provo, UT
    • $5,150 Tuition
    • 27,163 Enrolled
    • 630 Avg SAT Reading
    • 630 Avg SAT Math
    Brigham Young University is a Mormon school that’s “all about putting religion and education together” and learning “about secular subjects through spiritual eyes.” The school provides a “high-quality” education in a “challenging” academic ...

    2. Thomas Aquinas College

    Santa Paula, CA
    • $24,500 Tuition
    • 378 Enrolled
    • 660 Avg SAT Reading
    • 600 Avg SAT Math
    • 640 Avg SAT Writing
    Students at Thomas Aquinas College relish attending a school that “takes learning seriously for its own sake, not just as preparation for a job.” With a “strong Catholic identity” and “rigorous curriculum,” TAC offers a “holistic education” that’s ...

    3. Wheaton College (IL)

    Wheaton, IL
    • $32,950 Tuition
    • 2,432 Enrolled
    • 660 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 650 Avg SAT Writing
    Wheaton College strives to cultivate students’ knowledge and to “prepare them to enter the world as strong and capable individuals who serve Christ and His Kingdom.” This “academically rigorous” and deeply religious liberal arts school is equally as ...

    4. University of Dallas

    Irving, TX
    • $33,360 Tuition
    • 1,327 Enrolled
    • 620 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    • 580 Avg SAT Writing
    Students overwhelmingly choose the University of Dallas for its “liberal arts core and strong Catholic identity,” saying that “what the University of Dallas offers is education as formation.” UD’s “core curriculum forces you to learn an extensive ...

    5. Hillsdale College

    Hillsdale, MI
    • $23,840 Tuition
    • 1,472 Enrolled
    • 670 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    • 640 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: Hillsdale College is a private, independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1844 by men and women who described themselves as “grateful to God for the inestimable blessings” resulting from civil and ...

    6. Baylor University

    Waco, TX
    • $36,360 Tuition
    • 13,859 Enrolled
    • 610 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    • 580 Avg SAT Writing
    Located deep in the heart of Texas, Baylor is an educational powerhouse that helps undergraduates “achieve their academic potential” while simultaneously “guiding [and fostering] their moral and Christian values.” The university seamlessly ...

    7. Catholic University of America

    Washington, DC
    • $39,200 Tuition
    • 3,572 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    Located in our vibrant capital city, The Catholic University of America undoubtedly provides undergrads with a “wonderful campus in a great location.” Impressively, “despite being in such a big city, there’s a great community feel to the school that ...

    8. Grove City College

    Grove City, PA
    • $16,154 Tuition
    • 2,509 Enrolled
    • 610 Avg SAT Reading
    • 650 Avg SAT Math
    Students avow that Grove City is “a great option for someone who wants to learn from a Christian perspective.” Located near Pittsburgh, this “small, conservative, independent” college is renowned for its “great spiritual atmosphere,” providing a ...

    9. Gordon College

    Wenham, MA
    • $33,840 Tuition
    • 1,736 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    • 580 Avg SAT Writing
    A small, liberal arts school just north of Boston, Gordon College truly does an outstanding job of providing a “strong community” for its student body. The school endeavors to develop “well-rounded Christian leaders who will have a positive ...

    10. College of the Ozarks

    Point Lookout, MO
    • $0 Tuition
    • 1,433 Enrolled
    • 590 Avg SAT Reading
    • 590 Avg SAT Math
    • 580 Avg SAT Writing
    The appeal of College of the Ozarks is simple: “It’s a tuition-free, small, Christoriented college!” Students come here so they can “graduate debt-free” and get “a free education consisting of hard work and Christian qualities.” The school’s slogan ...

    11. Calvin College

    Grand Rapids, MI
    • $30,425 Tuition
    • 3,894 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 600 Avg SAT Math
    Nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Calvin College manages to seamlessly integrate “Christian faith and learning.” While Christian principles certainly permeate the campus, students stress that “religion [isn’t] forced.” Rather, the college simply ...

    12. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

    Lafayette, LA
    • $17,316 Tuition
    • 15,574 Enrolled
    • 530 Avg SAT Reading
    • 540 Avg SAT Math
    With a “beautiful campus” and “friendly atmosphere,” it’s quite easy to understand how students could be drawn to University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This public research university strives to provide undergrads with an affordable education and ...

    13. Pepperdine University

    Malibu, CA
    • $48,090 Tuition
    • 3,451 Enrolled
    • 600 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    • 610 Avg SAT Writing
    A small private college overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Pepperdine is an “amazingly beautiful” place to get an education. With about 3,500 undergraduates and an excellent teacher/student ratio, Pepperdine and its “smaller class sizes make it beyond ...

    14. Texas A&M University--College Station

    College Station, TX
    • $24,742 Tuition
    • 47,093 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 610 Avg SAT Math
    • 540 Avg SAT Writing
    The “untold spirit at Texas A&M” lies in its tradition, which is “the underlying pulse of Aggieland.” This large research school has “deep-rooted values” and “runs as a tight-knit family despite the numerous population.” This strong family dynamic ...

    15. University of Utah

    Salt Lake City, UT
    • $24,955 Tuition
    • 23,907 Enrolled
    • 570 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    • 550 Avg SAT Writing
    Nestled amid Salt Lake City’s snowcapped mountains, the University of Utah is a large public school that offers extensive academic programs, ample research opportunities, and a surprisingly student-friendly atmosphere. No matter what your interests, ...

    16. University of Tulsa

    Tulsa, OK
    • $35,790 Tuition
    • 3,473 Enrolled
    • 640 Avg SAT Reading
    • 640 Avg SAT Math
    From the School: The University of Tulsa (TU) is a private, comprehensive doctoral-degree-granting university that provides education of the highest quality in the arts, humanities, sciences, engineering, business, education, applied health ...

    17. Kansas State University

    Manhattan, KS
    • $21,813 Tuition
    • 20,327 Enrolled
    Despite its large size, Kansas State University “still has a small-town, welcoming feeling” and “a family atmosphere that the whole university buys into.” With such a strong focus on community, students say that “you’ll usually be only a few degrees ...

    Angelo State University


    18. Angelo State University

    San Angelo, TX
    • $16,560 Tuition
    • 5,425 Enrolled
    • 480 Avg SAT Reading
    • 490 Avg SAT Math
    • 450 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: Angelo State University aims to touch tomorrow in the lives of its students, in the growth of their communities, whether local or global, and in the pursuit of the common good of society. As a member of the Texas Tech ...

    19. Marquette University

    Milwaukee, WI
    • $36,720 Tuition
    • 8,410 Enrolled
    • 590 Avg SAT Reading
    • 600 Avg SAT Math
    • 570 Avg SAT Writing
    As a “Jesuit university that focuses on education and service,” Marquette University not only provides its students with a “commitment to academic excellence” but it also promotes “the notion of ‘cura personalis’—care for the whole person.” Located ...

    20. Creighton University

    Omaha, NE
    • $34,810 Tuition
    • 4,065 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 610 Avg SAT Math
    • 580 Avg SAT Writing
    The voices echoing from this Omaha school are resoundingly pleased with their choice to attend “a great Jesuit university focused on academics and creating well-rounded students.” Students are also active outside the classroom, getting “involved” in ...

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