Your ACT prep is on demand.

You're motivated and determined to do your best, because you want to get into your top-choice schools. But you're also busy and always on the go. Finding time to do all the things you love to do AND all the things you need to do is no easy task.

With Princeton Review experts on your side, you can do it all. ACT Self-Paced was created with a busy student like you in mind. So now there's no reason for your prep to take a backseat, because with this online course, class is in session only when you choose.

All your lessons, drills and practice tests are online, ready for you whenever you want to use them. Just log on to our Online Student Portal and the prep you need will be at your fingertips.

Designed by a team of test-prep experts with more than 30 years of experience, ACT Self-Paced delivers comprehensive prep and exclusive test-taking strategies, all backed by The Princeton Review satisfaction guarantee.

Course features:

  • 20-30 hours of interactive, self-paced online lessons
  • 4 full-length practice ACTs
  • A complete suite of online practice tools
  • Tech support provided via email or phone
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Access to online content begins on date of course purchase and lasts 120 days.