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  • PSAT Self-Paced Study

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  • Your PSAT prep is on demand.

    Prep on your time and schedule with interactive lessons delivered by our best teachers and tutors. PSAT Self-Paced Study lets you concentrate on the content areas you need to work on according to your strengths and weaknesses. You can repeat lessons, skip a topic and complete drills and the practice test on your own time.

    All your lessons and study tools are ready for you whenever you want to use them. Just log on to our Online Student Portal and the prep you need will be at your fingertips.

    Course features:

    • 10-15 hours of interactive online lessons
    • 1 full-length, practice PSAT
    • A complete suite of online practice tools
    • Tech support provided via email or phone
    • A detailed score report to assess your strengths and weaknesses

    Access to online content begins on date of course purchase and lasts 120 days.

    Start Your Prep Now.

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