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  • Thorough preparation covering all of the content on the test
  • Completely customized prep plan, adjusted as you go to maximize your score
In Person and Online


  • Minimal commitment with a small upfront cost
  • Targeted prep that focuses on strengthening key weaknesses
  • For students with fast-approaching deadlines or limited availability
In Person and Online

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Premier Level Tutor

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  • Simply the best in the business. They achieve stellar score improvements, elicit the highest praise from their students and are unparalleled in their expertise. Their unique insights and abilities allow them to anticipate student needs and provide customized solutions that work for each individual.

  • Each tutor leverages over 1,000 hours of tutoring or relevant work experience to provide exceptional results for their students.

Master Level Tutor

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  • Experienced educators who achieved promotion due to superior score improvements, exceptional communication skills, dedication, adaptability and efficiency. These tutors skillfully wield our full suite of tools to navigate the testing and admissions process.

  • With over 500 hours of tutoring or relevant work experience, they work successfully with students who have a wide variety of learning needs and academic goals.

Private Level Tutor

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  • Our Private tutors are consistently described by their students as dynamic and engaging teachers. Backed by outstanding test-preparation materials, a Princeton Review tutor creates a customized test preparation program that is as unique as each of our students.

  • With over 40 hours of intensive training and extensive instruction time, they’ve proven mastery of subject matter and ability to improve scores.