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  • Polish up on your DAT know-how.

    Build a strong foundation for DAT success with expert instruction and testing practice.

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    Course features:

    • 43 hours of comprehensive prep, including:
      • 27 hours of live instruction covering all content and test-taking strategies
      • 16 hours of testing practice with 3 proctored practice tests and 1 additional exam
    • An expert DAT instructor
    • Over 1,300 pages of self-guided prep and practice problems, including:
      • Cracking the DAT: 880+ pages covering all aspects of the test, plus a set of review guides
      • Workbook: 500+ pages of practice questions and detailed explanations
      • In-Class Compendium: 180+ pages with drills designed to help your instructors use classroom time more effectively
    • A 3-D practice kit to sharpen the manipulation and visual perception skills you need for the Perceptual Ability Test
    • The Canadian Dental Association DAT Preparation Kit, which includes soap carving tools designed to improve your manual dexterity skills
    • Money-back guarantee

    Learn face-to-face with a Princeton Review expert in a classroom setting. You'll benefit from the discipline and accountability of the traditional classroom experience while learning and interacting with your peers.

    Structured prep
    You'll review all the content and work on your test-taking skills led by a talented instructor who will keep you motivated, focused and on task.

    Face-to-face interaction
    Our experts will provide feedback and illustrate challenging material with interesting and effective lessons.

    Engaging lessons
    You'll prepare alongside other students in a dynamic group with lively discussions and collaborative drills.

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    DAT is a registered trademark of the American Dental Association (ADA). The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University, ADA or the Canadian Dental Association.