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  • Admissions

    More students now take the ACT than take the SAT

    The admit rate for Harvard has dropped from 9% in 2007 to 6% in 2011

    UCLA received over 70,000 applications for their incoming freshman class

    At The Princeton Review, we obey a fairly simple credo.

    To help students to achieve their aspirations through education.

    In our 30 years in this business, we have evolved one great talent, a gift that extends into the domains of test prep and admissions. We can teach.

    It is a pleasure to be in front of an audience to spread the gospel of going to college. And if the allegory seems somewhat biblical, it's intentional. We possess an evangelistic fervor when it comes to helping students, parents, teachers, and counselors learn even more about the facts and foibles of testing and admissions.

    Whether it's through this website, or one of the many admissions and test preparation events we organize in your home towns, we hope you'll see that we are utterly committed to your mission.

    Welcome to our community, a place that exists to serve you and your students.