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  • For seven consecutive years, The Princeton Review has been publishing information on colleges that practice, teach, and support environmentally responsible choices. In the responses to our annual College Hopes & Worries Survey, we have seen a sincere and growing interest among students in identifying and applying to colleges where there is a demonstrated commitment to sustainability.

    Since 2009, we have partnered with the U.S. Green Building Council to publish our Guide to Green Colleges annually in April, with the number of schools rising from 286 in the first edition to 332 in the most recent edition. And every year we publish our Green Ratings in The Best Colleges. The seventh annual Green Rating evaluates colleges and universities on their environmentally relevant policies, practices, academic offerings, and career advisement. The result is a numerical score on a scale of 60-99. You will find each college's (861 of them) Green Rating on the Campus Life/Facilities tab of the school's profile.

    We salute 24 schools for their commitment to sustainability on The Princeton Review's Green Honor Roll. These schools received our highest Green Rating of 99.