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  • Ask an Educational Advisor
  • Be sure to inquire about environmental policies when you embark on a college visit.

    Many colleges are improving their green practices, even those that are not featured in our Green Ratings. Here are some questions you can ask potential schools to learn if they're on an environmentally friendly track.

    Quality of Life

    • How much of your food is fresh, local and organic?
    • Have your dorms and classrooms been retrofitted to be more energy efficient?
    • What does the school do to make it easy for students to get around without a car?
    • Do you use pesticides and herbicides on campus grounds?
    • Are the cleaning products used by the janitorial crews Green Seal certified?

    Academics and Career

    • Have professors been trained on how to integrate green concepts into their coursework?
    • What opportunities do you have for me to get involved in university decisions affecting my quality of life?
    • What research opportunities do you offer for undergraduates in areas associated with the green economy?
    • How are you preparing students for the green economy?

    Institutional Commitment