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  • October 2011 LSAT Administration

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    The October LSAT had a total of 101 scored questions–23 in Games, 26 in one Arguments section, 25 in the other Arguments section, and 27 in Reading Comprehension. Reports from October 2011 test takers indicate that the experimental section appeared in Section 3 on many but not all forms. October test takers reported the following variations, although this list does not encompass every possible test form:

    Arguments (Experimental)
    Reading Comprehension
    Games Arguments Games (Experimental) Reading Comprehension Arguments
    Games Arguments Reading Comprehension (Experimental) Reading Comprehension Arguments
    Games Arguments Arguments Reading Comprehension Arguments

    Below is the breakdown of how students rated individual sections in relation to the tests in the Diagnostic Exams book. Overall, it seems that this test was comparable in difficulty to the June 2011 exam.

    Section Type
    Much easier
    About the same
    Much harder
    Games 4% 18% 48% 26% 4%
    Arguments 3% 10% 69% 14% 4%
    Reading Comprehension 1% 18% 59% 17% 5%

    Scored Games (23 questions)

    The Games section had an ordering game, two grouping games, and a tricky two-dimensional game. Overall the section was about the same level of difficulty as the June 2011 LSAT.

    Scored Arguments (26 and 25 questions)

    Overall, the arguments on this exam displayed all the usual recurring flaws and question types.

    Scored Reading Comprehension (27 questions)

    The Reading Comprehension section was relatively consistent with recent tests. Comparative Reading came last in the series of passages and seemed on par with other recent Comparative Reading passages. As usual, pacing was an issue, but students who stuck to their pacing plans were able to manage the section.