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  • What's on the OAT?

    The OAT is a 4–1/2 hour exam that consists of fours sections, Survey of the Natural Sciences, Reading Comprehension, Physics, and Quantitative Reasoning.

  • More about the OAT Tests:
    Survey of Natural Sciences

    • 100 Questions, 90 Minutes
    • Test knowledge of biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry
    Reading Comprehension

    • 40 Questions, 3 Reading passages, 50 Minutes
    • Tests ability to read, comprehend, and analyze scientific text


    • 40 Questions, 50 Minutes
    • Test knowledge of vectors, magnetism, optics, rotational motion, and other topics

    Quantitative Reasoning

    • 40 Questions, 45 Minutes
    • Tests ability to conduct algebraic and numeric calculations, understand probability, statistics, geometry, and trigonometry, and deconstruct word problems