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  • 2013 Top Entrepreneurship Press Release

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    NEW YORK, September 24, 2012 — The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine announced today the results of the Princeton Review's annual survey that names the schools with the top 25 undergraduate and top 25 graduate entrepreneurship programs in the nation. From more than 2,000 schools reviewed, Babson College in Massachusetts captured the #1 spot on both the undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship program ranking lists this year. Babson has been #1 on the graduate list for four consecutive years and was #2 on the undergraduate list in 2011.

    Coming in #2 on the undergraduate entrepreneurship program list this year is Baylor University, while the University of Houston is #3. In the graduate program category, ranking #2 this year is the University of Michigan while Brigham Young University (UT) is #3.

    This year's rankings include eight schools new to the lists. On the undergraduate list, they are the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (#9), Clarkson University (#15) and Lehigh University (#24). Five schools new to the graduate list include: University of Utah (#15), Cornell University (#16), University of Louisville (#20), Columbia University (#23) and University of Oklahoma (#25). (Complete lists follow.)

    A feature on the rankings is now posted on Entrepreneur's website at www.entrepreneur.com/topcolleges and it will appear in Entrepreneur's October issue, available on newsstands tomorrow, September 25. The Princeton Review today posted the ranking lists at www.princetonreview.com/entrepreneur. There users can also access information about criteria for the rankings and topics asked in the 60-question survey for this project.

    The Princeton Review conducted its surveys of school administrators from April through June 2012. The wide range of data the education services company used to evaluate the programs and tally the rankings included: the schools' levels of commitment to entrepreneurship inside and outside the classroom, the percentage of their faculty, students, and alumni actively and successfully involved in entrepreneurial endeavors and the number and reach of their mentorship programs. The Company also considered their funding for scholarships and grants for entrepreneurial studies and projects, and their support for school-sponsored business plan competitions.

    "We commend each of these schools not only for giving their students a first-rate classroom experience in business practices, but for their cross-disciplinary approaches to entrepreneurship education," said Robert Franek, The Princeton Review's Senior VP / Publisher. Franek added, "These programs stand out for the impressive ways they are supporting students with the vision and skills to create their own innovative businesses and to succeed at them."

    "It's the age of the everyday entrepreneur," said Amy Cosper, VP and editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine. "Thanks to a mash-up of economic forces and rising business stars finally getting mainstream play, entrepreneurship has evolved from an alternative 'career' to a practical choice for the wider set. Many with the passion already in play are looking to school to get started right. Our annual ranking gives them the perfect kick-off point to finding the program that can nurture their dreams into reality."

    The Princeton Review has partnered with Entrepreneur magazine on this annual project since 2006. The Company also reports annual rankings of business schools and of law schools in 11 categories in its books, "The Best 294 Business Schools," and "The Best 168 Law Schools," the 2013 editions of which will publish on October 9, 2012. Those rankings will also be accessible at www.princetonreview.com.

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    Top 25 Undergraduate Programs

    • Babson College
    • Baylor University
    • University of Houston
    • University of Southern California
    • Washington University in St. Louis
    • Brigham Young University (UT)
    • University of Arizona
    • Temple University
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • University of Oklahoma
    • Syracuse University
    • University of Missouri-
      Kansas City
    • Northeastern University
    • University of Maryland, College Park
    • Clarkson University
    • Miami University (OH)
    • University of Utah
    • University of Dayton
    • Belmont University
    • DePaul University
    • City University of New York-
      Baruch College
    • Oklahoma State University
    • Bradley University
    • Lehigh University
    • Texas Christian University

    Top 25 Graduate Programs

    • Babson College
    • University of Michigan
    • Brigham Young University (UT)
    • Rice University
    • The University of Texas at Austin
    • Washington University in St. Louis
    • University of Chicago
    • University of Virginia
    • University of Arizona
    • University of Washington
    • University of South Florida
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • Temple University
    • Oklahoma State University
    • University of Utah
    • Cornell University
    • DePaul University
    • Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship
    • University of Missouri-Kansas City
    • University of Louisville
    • University of Southern California
    • Tulane University
    • Columbia University
    • University of Maryland, College Park
    • University of Oklahoma



    • Tucson / University of Arizona (#7 Undergraduate, #9 Graduate)


    • Los Angeles / University of Southern California (#4 Undergraduate, #21 Graduate)


    • Tampa / University of South Florida (#11 Graduate)


    • Chicago / DePaul University (#20 Undergraduate, #17 Graduate)
    • Chicago / University of Chicago (#7 Graduate)
    • Peoria / Bradley University (#23 Undergraduate)


    • Louisville / University of Louisville (#20 Graduate)


    • New Orleans / Tulane University (#22 Graduate)


    • Babson Park / Babson College (#1 Undergraduate, #1 Graduate)
    • Boston / Northeastern University (#13 Undergraduate)


    • College Park / University of Maryland (#14 Undergraduate, #24 Graduate)


    • Ann Arbor / University of Michigan (#2 Graduate)


    • Kansas City / University of Missouri--Kansas City (#12 Undergraduate, #19 Graduate)
    • Saint Louis / Washington University in St. Louis (#5 Undergraduate, #6 Graduate)


    • Chapel Hill / University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (#9 Undergraduate, #12 Graduate)


    • Ithaca / Cornell University (#16 Graduate)
    • New York / City University of New York--Baruch College (#21 Undergraduate)
    • New York / Columbia University (#23 Graduate)
    • Syracuse / Syracuse University (#11 Undergraduate)
    • Potsdam / Clarkson University (#15 Undergraduate)


    • Dayton / University of Dayton (#18 Undergraduate)
    • Oxford / Miami University (#16 Undergraduate)


    • Norman / University of Oklahoma (#10 Undergraduate, #25 Graduate)
    • Stillwater / Oklahoma State University (#22 Undergraduate, #14 Graduate)


    • Bethlehem / Lehigh University (#24 Undergraduate)
    • Philadelphia / Temple University (#8 Undergraduate, #13 Graduate)


    • Nashville / Belmont University (#19 Undergraduate)


    • Austin / Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship (#18 Graduate)
    • Austin / The University of Texas at Austin (#5 Graduate)
    • Fort Worth / Texas Christian University (#25 Undergraduate)
    • Houston / Rice University (#4 Graduate)
    • Houston / University of Houston (#3 Undergraduate)
    • Waco / Baylor University (#2 Undergraduate)


    • Provo / Brigham Young University (#6 Undergraduate, #3 Graduate)
    • Salt Lake City / University of Utah (#17 Undergraduate, #15 Graduate)


    • Charlottesville / University of Virginia (#8 Graduate)


    • Seattle / University of Washington (#10 Graduate)


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    The Princeton Review: Jeanne Krier, Krier Public Relations, 212-539-1350
    Entrepreneur Media Inc.: Lisa Murray, 949-622-5220, lmurray@entrepreneur.com

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