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  • SAT Ultimate Score Improvement


    Personalized attention, 30 hours of expert instruction and a score-improvement guarantee. Why settle for anything less?

    If you're after your ultimate score, choose Ultimate Classroom, our most comprehensive and personalized SAT course.

    Your instructor will impart the knowledge, techniques and confidence you need to RAISE YOUR SCORE by at least 150 POINTS. Guaranteed.

    For complete details click here.


    Here's how the 150 points guarantee works. If after taking Ultimate Classroom your score on the actual SAT does not improve by at least 150 points,* we'll refund your tuition if you work with us again FIRST and meet these requirements:

    • Attend all classes** and take all four in-class practice tests
    • Take the SAT within 10 weeks of the end of your course
    • Request a refund within 30 days of taking the SAT if you did not increase your score by 150 points
    • Repeat the course with us (attend all classes and take all practice tests), take the SAT a second time and do not increase your score by at least 150 points
    • Eligibility limited to students who scored between 801 and 2100 on pre-course official test, if one was taken, or otherwise on first in-class practice test

    Still have questions? Call us at 888-955-4600.

    *150 point increase is measured from your Starting Score to your score on your post–course official SAT test. "Starting Score" means either your first official SAT test score, if you have taken the SAT test six months or less before the start of the course, or otherwise your score on the first in–course practice test. **One excused absence is allowed.

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