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Best Career Prospects
10 Schools
New York, NY
Students Say: "Columbia Law School is “a very exciting and dynamic place.” The curriculum is very heavy on legal theory “with a dash of practical, just for show,” and the “breadth of course offerings” is staggering...." More>>
Chicago, IL
Students Say: "The rigorous and ultra-prestigious Law School at The University of Chicago offers “an incredibly dynamic educational environment full of quirky but brilliant professors and an eclectic mix of students..." More>>
Philadelphia, PA
Students Say: "Founded in 1850, Penn Law is one of the country’s most outstanding law schools, boasting a “stellar” academic reputation and a cross-disciplinary program nearly unri­valled by other schools. The schoo..." More>>
Cambridge, MA
Students Say: "Harvard Law School—perhaps you’ve heard of it?—is like the land of Oz for aspiring lawyers, where “anything you want exists.” Indeed, the school has plenty of funding for student scholarships, interes..." More>>
New York, NY
Students Say: "New York University School of Law is a renowned, “rigorous,” and “practically focused” legal powerhouse that offers a ridiculous array of courses and a stunning number of programs, colloquia, institut..." More>>
Berkeley, CA
Students Say: "UC Berkeley School of Law is indisputably one the nation’s most celebrated citadels of legal education. The curriculum includes a great mix of legal theory and practical courses, and the breadth of sp..." More>>
Chicago, IL
Students Say: "Located “in the heart of Chicago,” Northwestern University School of Law has a first-rate “national reputation” for “developing practical skills” and offering “world-class” clinics that give students ..." More>>
Washington, DC
Students Say: "The “prestigious,” “ridiculously large,” and tangentially Jesuitical Georgetown University Law Center is “a choose-your-own-adventure school” in “a prime downtown D.C. location.” “The sheer variety of..." More>>
Washington, DC
Students Say: "The caliber of the “limitless” resources available to a George Washington University law students are outstanding, and the location cannot be beat; its various connections to federal agencies, lobbyis..." More>>
Los Angeles, CA
Students Say: "Many students come to USC’s Gould School of Law for “the weather,” but all end up “staying for the professors” and “friendly student body.” The faculty here is highly praised as being “very approachab..." More>>