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Most Conservative Students
10 Schools
Naples, FL
Students Say: "As a Catholic school with a strong commitment to its “mission” and “religious founda­tion,” Ave Maria “incorporates the Catholic faith into classes.” Many students choose the school for its “conservat..." More>>
Virginia Beach, VA
Students Say: "Tucked away in beautiful Virginia Beach, Regent University is molding the next genera­tion of Christian lawyers and legal scholars. The program works diligently to maintain “a good sense of community”..." More>>
Provo, UT
Students Say: "Law students at Brigham Young University love the “small class sizes,” “superb” aca­demic experience, and the “lowest tuition that you’ll find anywhere for a respected law school.” Add “great professo..." More>>
Birmingham, AL
Students Say: "Students at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law say their school is “a little bit of a hidden gem” and “a great place to become a lawyer.” The bar-passage rate is utterly fabulous. There are..." More>>
Arlington, VA
Students Say: "George Mason University’s law students agree that “The professors are brilliant” and “Mason is a hidden gem that prepares students for actual practice better than any other law school out there.” Howe..." More>>
Notre Dame, IN
Students Say: "Notre Dame, named for the Virgin Mary of the school’s Catholic faith, provides a “great education,” a “strong” brand, and “academic freedom” all tinged with a “Catholic character.” The Catholic roots ..." More>>
Malibu, CA
Students Say: "It’s hard not to lead with the most obvious benefit of choosing Pepperdine for law school: “the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island as you enter just about make law school tolerabl..." More>>
Tuscaloosa, AL
Students Say: "Alabama prides itself on offering a tremendous legal education at an affordable price. Though the school definitely places an “emphasis…on corporate law,” students are grateful that there are also “am..." More>>
Waco, TX
Students Say: "Baylor University’s Sheila & Walter Umphrey Law Center’s reputation for being a “tough school” is complemented by its stature as an “excellent school” with “one of the most rigorous [law] courses in t..." More>>
Baton Rouge, LA
Students Say: "The “very inexpensive” Louisiana State University Law Center boasts “the highest bar-passage rate in the state” pretty much every year and a unique program where graduates receive both a JD and Gradu..." More>>