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Tuition-Free Schools
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Berea, KY
Students Say: "Kentucky’s Berea College is one of the nation’s few entirely tuition-free private colleges, providing a liberal arts education “to those who otherwise couldn’t afford college but who are deserving of ..." More>>
Point Lookout, MO
Students Say: "Students describe the academic experience at this tuition-free, Christian college as “very challenging and very rewarding.” “Time management is very important at C of O,” where it’s vital to find a ba..." More>>
Dyer, NV
Students Say: "The “three pillars” of a Deep Springs education—”labor, academics, and self­governance”—combine to produce “unparalleled challenges” that run the gamut “from fixing a hay baler in the middle of the ni..." More>>
New York, NY
Students Say: "Gifted students clamor for a spot at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. The universal “full-tuition scholarships” have been one of the school’s major selling points. However, the..." More>>
USAF Academy, CO
Students Say: "The United States Air Force Academy is “a leadership laboratory” and “an incredibly prestigious institution” that provides “rigorous academic and mili­tary training” for future Air Force officers. Stu..." More>>
New London, CT
Students Say: "Students at the United States Coast Guard Academy applaud their school for providing “an outstanding education” while affording undergrads the “oppor­tunity to [become] America’s leaders of tomorrow.”..." More>>
Kings Point, NY
Students Say: "Tucked away on Long Island, the United States Merchant Marine Academy offers students the chance to pursue a prestigious though rigorous and regi­mented education. Further, it allows undergrads to joi..." More>>
West Point, NY
Students Say: "Duty. Honor. Country. Having produced two U.S. presidents, numerous gener­als, and 74 Medal of Honor recipients in its 210 years in existence, an institu­tion such as West Point doesn’t need to hear o..." More>>
Annapolis, MD
Students Say: "Students at the United State Naval Academy, known as midshipmen, are overjoyed about the amount of discipline involved, both academically and militarily. Students feel “the structure is unparalleled, ..." More>>
Glen Cove, NY
Students Say: "A “highly specialized” private academy, Webb Institute offers a single “presti­gious” degree program in naval architecture and marine engineering. By all accounts, this tiny school does “an excellent ..." More>>