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Find Your Pride and Purpose at Hofstra University

At Hofstra University, our students learn and grow on a campus that offers engaging classes, exceptional facilities and resources, dedicated faculty, and a supportive network of peers and mentors. We inspire students to discover their strengths and find their purpose through career-enhancing, life-shaping experiences. At Hofstra, our students find opportunity, pride and purpose.

A University of Distinction
Hofstra University is the largest private college on Long Island, New York. Since its founding as a commuter college in 1935, Hofstra has evolved into a nationally and internationally renowned university that continues to achieve further recognition as an institution of academic excellence. That’s why Hofstra is included in The Princeton Review's Best 373 Colleges (2011) and Best Northeastern Colleges, U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Business Schools" (2010), and Fiske Guide to Colleges (2011), and is ranked by Forbes magazine. Among other private Long Island colleges, we are the only university that grants the Phi Beta Kappa distinction, and has the largest number of students and professionals going on to pursue graduate and post-graduate programs of study. In addition to the myriad opportunities available on Hofstra's lively campus, students have easy access to, and benefit from, the academic, cultural, media and career opportunities of nearby New York City.

And that's not all. Hofstra continually aspires to reach new heights and offer our students even more. The Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University welcomed its inaugural class in August 2011, and strives to become a leader in medical education. The University will soon establish a School of Engineering and Applied Science with an innovative co-op and cross-disciplinary education program. Hofstra continues to add innovative programs and enhanced resources, all for you.


Acceptance Rate
Average HS GPA

GPA Breakdown

Over 3.75
3.50 - 3.74
3.25 - 3.49
3.00 - 3.24
2.50 - 2.99
2.00 - 2.49

Test Scores

SAT Reading
520 - 610
SAT Math
530 - 620
ACT Composite
23 - 28

Other Admission Factors


Rigor of Secondary School Record
Class Rank
Academic GPA
Application Essay


From The School

Hofstra University is composed of Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, School of Communication, School of Education, Health and Human Services, School of Law, Honors College, and School for University Studies. Honors College is a program for high-achieving students;); and School for University Studies was developed for students who have demonstrated their potential in non-traditional ways..

Within these schools are many innovative programs designed to meet the needs of our diverse student body. These include Legal Education Accelerated Program (LEAP), a program that allows students to earn both a B.A. and J.D. in six years; and First-Year Connections, an academic, residential and social program that helps first-year students connect to all the resources and opportunities available at the University.

Students Say

Hofstra is a school synonymous with opportunity. Located on suburban Long Island, students find Hofstra’s “medium size” a great asset. Indeed, the university simultaneously “feels big, yet class sizes are small and [therefore] very conducive to a great learning environment.” What’s more, Hofstra’s close proximity to New York City allows students to take advantage of many internship opportunities. Additionally, the School of Communications is “top-notch” and students in the sciences benefit greatly from affiliation with the university’s new medical school. By and large, professors here are “excellent” and “enjoyable.” As one psychology major shares, “My professors almost always seem passionate about their field of study, and even when I don’t share their passion in that particular field, their enthusiasm has helped to keep me engaged and interested in the class material.” Perhaps more importantly, teachers at Hofstra are “very knowledgeable…and have experience in what they are teaching.” Undergrads here also call attention to the fact their professors are quite approachable. As one music education major explains, “I have also never had a teacher that won’t make themselves available outside of class. All of them are extremely good about having office hours and answering any questions. They all really want us to do well.” In the end, a Hofstra education is “about challenging its students and giving each one an opportunity to grow and succeed to their fullest extent.”

Faculty and Class Information

Total Faculty
with Terminal Degree


Most frequent class size
10 - 19
Most frequent lab / sub section size
10 - 19

Graduation Rates

Graduate in 4 years
Graduate in 5 years
Graduate in 6 years


Post-Bachelor's certificate
Post-Master's certificate

Career Services

On-Campus Job Interviews Available

Career Services

Alumni Network
Alumni Services
Interest Inventory
Regional Alumni
Opportunities at School


Prominent Alumni

Steve Bartels
President/COO, Island Def Jam Music Group

Francis Ford Coppola
Academy Award winning Screenwriter, Director and Producer

Nelson DeMille

Honorable Thomas P DiNapoli
New York State Comptroller

Randy Levine
President, New York Yankees

Debra Ann Sandler
Former President & Current Chief Health Officer Chocolate North America

Morton Owen Schapiro
President, Northwestern University


From The School

The annual cost of tuition and fees at Hofstra University for 2010-2011 for a full-time undergraduate student is $31,800. The minimum housing and dining plan is $11,416. Books and supplies cost approximately $1,000; personal expenses and transportation generally amount to $2,822. For the full tuition and fees schedule, visit


Financial Aid Rating
Application Deadlines
Notification Date
Mar 1

Required Forms

State Aid

Financial Aid Statistics

Average Freshman Total Need-Based Gift Aid

Average Undergraduate Total Need-Based Gift Aid

Average Need-Based Loan

Undergraduates who have borrowed through any loan program

Average amount of each freshman scholarship/grant package

Financial aid provided to international students

Expenses per Academic Year

Required Fees
Average Cost for Books and Supplies

Tuition / Fees Vary by Year of Study
Board for Commuters
Transportation for Commuters

Available Aid

Financial Aid Methodoloy

Scholarships and Grants
Need-Based College/University Scholarship or Grant Aid from Institutional Funds
Need-Based Federal Pell
Need-Based Private Scholarships
Need-Based SEOG
Need-Based State Scholarships
Need-Based United Negro College Fund

Federal Direct Student Loan Programs
Direct PLUS Loans
Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans
Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

Federal Family Education Loan Programs (FFEL)
College/university loans from institutional funds
Federal Perkins Loans
State Loans

Is Institutional Employment Available (other than Federal Work Study)

Direct Lender


From The School

The Best and Brightest
Every day on Hofstra's vibrant campus, our dynamic students enrich, enlighten and challenge one another, both inside and outside the classroom. Hofstra's diverse and driven student body of more than 11,000 who come from 47 U.S. states and territories and more than 50 countries bring with them a wealth of knowledge, views and experiences, thus enhancing the Hofstra experience for the entire campus community. And with an average undergraduate class size of 21 and a student-to-faculty ratio of 14-to-1, students are challenged and encouraged to debate, question, research, discuss and think critically in an open and broad-minded learning environment.

Our hardworking, ambitious students are taught by Guggenheim Fellows and Fulbright scholars; Emmy Award recipients; prize-winning scientists; leaders in business, education and the health sciences; and knowledgeable and insightful thinkers. Our 1,114 faculty members, of whom 525 are full-time, are experts in their fields and are dedicated to and focused on providing the foundation and tools you need to succeed. Hofstra's faculty affirm the value of education 92 percent of our full-time faculty hold the highest degree attainable in their fields. Plus, unlike many other schools, students at Hofstra learn from faculty not graduate students.

Much More Than Academics
Hofstra students are engaged, driven and motivated, and we provide them with the knowledge, experiences and opportunities they need to grow academically, personally and professionally.

Hofstra University hosts more than 500 cultural events each year, drawing together scholars, business leaders, authors, celebrities, health care professionals, politicians, and journalists from across the nation and around the world. These events help foster that connection between in-classroom work and extracurricular interests we know you're looking for. In addition, Hofstra offers 17 intercollegiate athletic programs that compete at the NCAA Division I level; and more than 200 academic, fraternal/sororal, media, multicultural, performance, pre-professional, religious, social, social/political, and sports clubs and organizations. You, too, can join clubs as diverse as Organization of Commuter Students, Accounting Society, Nonsense humor magazine, The Pride Network, Hofstra Quidditch and Ski Snowboard Club. Exciting and enriching experiences beyond the classroom … there's definitely something for everyone.

Students Say

Undergrads at Hofstra say that you’d be hard pressed to find a “typical” student roaming the campus. As one philosophy student posits, “I have friends studying all different majors and from all walks of life.” And while the university definitely attracts “a lot of Long Island locals,” there are also plenty of students “from the Northeast and all over the country.” Of course, most of the undergrads that flock here are “serious about academics” and “well rounded.” However, a music education major quickly follows up by stating, “We also know how to have fun and take advantage of our college experience.” Further, to quell the doubts of even the most social skeptic, we’re told that “with over 200 clubs and sports there is something for everyone.” Indeed, it’s “very easy to fit in here.” An English major explains, “I think almost anyone can find a niche here. This is overall a very open-minded place. When students can dress in drag without anyone looking askance, I’d say you have a pretty tolerant campus.”

Student Body Profile

Total Undergraduate Enrollment
Out of State

Foreign Countries Represented



54% female
46% male
35% are out of state
94% are full time
6% are part time


From The School

The Best Of Both Worlds

Something is always in bloom on the 240-acre Hofstra campus. A nationally recognized arboretum with an outdoor sculpture collection of about 75 pieces, the Hofstra campus is home to both ivy-covered classroom buildings and sleek, modern buildings. Hofstra University's 115 buildings include state-of-the-art teaching facilities, six theaters, a museum, newly renovated Fitness Center, and libraries containing 1.2 million print volumes and providing 24/7 electronic access to more than 95,000 journals and electronic books.

Hofstra's suburban campus is just 25 miles from New York City, a metropolis that beckons with a world of cultural and internship opportunities of which Hofstra students have easy access to and benefit from. Students take advantage of theaters, museums, concerts and professional sports as well as the many internship opportunities the city offers. Broadway shows, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Madison Square Garden, Chinatown and Little Italy, and Wall Street all are within easy reach.

Students can also explore Long Island, which offers world-class beaches and parks; the Hamptons; sport fishing and boating; Nassau Coliseum, home of the New York Islanders; and conveniently located shopping malls.

Students Say

Life at this Long Island university moves at a fast and frenzied pace. As one knowledgeable senior shares, “Hofstra is one of those places where there is always something to do.” A television major concurs sharing, “Everyone works really hard and takes extracurricular [activities] seriously. ‘Work hard, play hard’ [is] definitely [applicable].” To begin with, Hofstra offers “many music ensembles (including symphony orchestra, symphonic band, new music ensemble, wind ensemble, string orchestra, and sikh music!)” along with “free on-campus concerts and movies.” Additionally, “intramural sports are also quite popular, [especially] basketball.” And one pleased sophomore shares how she makes her own fun, “I play Mario Party with friends in the Game Room, watch my roommate run around our dorm lounge in a banana suit, pull all-nighter study dates with my boyfriend in the library, sit under one of the godzillian gorgeous tress on the South Side of campus, and battle to the death for an open laundry machine.” Of course, with a fairly substantial commuter population, some lament that “weekends [can feel] pretty empty.” However, others assure us that “there are always frats or [other] parties [to attend.]” Moreover, there’s “definitely a bar scene, as there are multiple bars within walking distance that most students go out to frequently.” When students are itching to get a little further off campus, they can take advantage of “nearby shopping malls, bowling alleys [and] famous landmarks (Jones Beach and Eisenhower Park).” And, of course, “New York City is only a short train ride away.”

Campus Life

Undergrads living on campus
Help finding off-campus housing

Quality of life rating
First-Year Students living on campus

Campus Environment
Small Urban
Fire safety rating

Housing Options

Apartment Single
Disabled Student
Dorms Coed
Theme Housing
Wellness Housing

Special Needs Admissions

Program / Service Name
Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS)

Type of Program
For LD/ADD Only

College Entrance Tests Required

Interview Required

Documentation Requred for LD
WAIS-III, within one year; achievement testing; full psychoeducational report with a diagnostic statement

Documentation Requred for ADHD
Hofstra University does not provide services for students with AD/HD.

Special Need Services Offered

Calculator allowed in exams

Dictionary allowed in exams

Computer allowed in exams

Spellchecker allowed in exams

Extended test time



Oral exams


Distraction-free environment

Accommodation for students with ADHD

Reading machine

Other assistive technology

Student Activities

Registered Student Organizations
Number of Honor Societies

Number of Social Sororities
Number of Religious Organizations

5% join a fraternity
7% join a sorority


Athletic Division
Division I

15% participate in intramural sports
4% participate in intercollegiate sports

Men's Sports (Pride)
8 Sports

Cross Country
Women's Sports (Pride)
9 Sports

Cross Country
Field Hockey

Student Services

Day Care
LGBT Support Groups: Student run organization: Pride Network (

Minority Support Groups: Office of Multicultural and International Student Programs (

Army ROTC Offered on-campus


Green Rating

Campus Security Report

Campus Security Report

The Jeanne Clery Act requires colleges and universities to disclose their security policies, keep a public crime log, publish an annual crime report and provide timely warnings to students and campus employees about a crime posing an immediate or ongoing threat to students and campus employees.

Please visit The Princeton Review’s page on campus safety for additional resources:

The Princeton Review publishes links directly to each school's Campus Security Reports where available. Applicants can also access all school-specific campus safety information using the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool provided by the Office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Department of Education:

Other Information

Campus-wide Internet Network

Email and Web Access Available

% of Classrooms with Wireless Internet

Number of Computer Labs / Classrooms

Average Number of PC's per Lab

Network Access in Dorm Rooms

Network Access in Dorm Lounges

Fee for Network Use

Student Web Pages Permitted

Student Web Pages Provided

Partnerships with Technology Companies

Online Class Registration Available

Personal computer included in tuition for each student

Require Undergraduates to Own Computers

Undergraduates that Own Computers

Discounts Available with Hardware Vendors

Lenovo and Apple

Webcasting, Digital Audio or Video-Streaming of Courses

Webcasting, Digital Audio or Video-Streaming of Campus Radio / TV Stations

Campus Visits Contact

Andrew Cohen
Campus Experience Coordinator

Admissions Center
Bernon Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549



Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
1. Mack Student Center – is the focal point of campus community life where commuter and resident students meet for meals, socializing, club and organizational events, a large game room, the bookstore and diverse dining venues including kosher, vegan, and a late night pizza and salad station 2. The Fitness Center ‐ Renovated and expanded in 2011, the Fitness Center has an indoor track, six basketball courts, three group exercise studios for Cycling, Zumba, Yoga, and other wellness programs. State‐of‐the‐art cardio and strength training machines, including ADA certified equipment. When not working out, students enjoy computer kiosks, a Wi‐Fi accessible lounge area, healthy snacks, and intramural sports programs. 3. Lawrence Herbert School of Communication: Home of the WRHU Radio Station, the largest noncommercial TV studio on the east coast, and a multi‐media converged newsroom. 4. “Hof USA” ‐ The newly renovated Hof USA is a multi-functional entertainment center located in the center of residential and student life on campus. The complex includes a billiards and game area, casual dining, a large performance and dance area, and Dutch Treats--open around the clock—with grab and go sandwiches and salads, grocery, and sundries. Hof USA is a favorite evening and weekend destination on campus. 5. David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex – serves as the site for Hofstra’s men’s and women’s Division I basketball team competitions, career and internship fairs, numerous national association exhibitions and shows, and is where Hofstra students and their families begin their college journey during Welcome Week and conclude the journey four years later during the commencement program.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
1. Manhattan-just 25 miles away. 2. Atlantic Ocean Beaches 3. Hamptons 4. Cultural Attractions- Lincoln Center, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway 5. Arenas and Venues - Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, the Barclays Center and Arthur Ashe Stadium all within an hour.

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
Monday - Saturday
9am - 3pm

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Varies
Times: Varies
Average Length: 2 hours

On Campus Interview

Campus Interviews

Information Sessions

Please contact admissions to schedule a visit.

Faculty and Coach Visits

Dates/Times Available
Academic Year

Contact Admissions Office

Advance Notice
2 weeks

Contact Email Address for Visit

Class Visits

Dates/Times Available
Academic Year

Contact Admissions Office

Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays

Contact Admissions Office


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Hofstra offers complimentary campus shuttles to rail service, local shops, and entertainment, as well as Zipcars for student use. The closest airports are: John F. Kennedy Airport, La Guardia Airport and MacArthur Airport. All have taxi and limo services.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From Southern New Jersey, Southeast Pennsylvania, Maryland , Washington D.C., and Virginia: Take the New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 13. Follow Route 278 to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Take the left exit off the bridge onto the Belt Parkway east. Take that to Exit 25A (Southern State Pkwy east- Belt Pkwy splits, stay left). Take that to Exit 22N (Meadowbrook Pkwy North). Stay on the Meadowbrook Pkwy until exit M4 (signs says "Hempstead, Coliseum")-- Follow "From All Points," below. From Northwestern New Jersey, Northern Pennsylvania, and the Middle States: Take either Interstate 78, Interstate 80, US Route 22, New Jersey Route 4, or New Jersey Route 17 to the George Washington Bridge. Proceed over the bridge to the Cross Bronx Expressway onto the Throgs Neck Bridge. Follow "From the Throgs Neck Bridge," below. From Upstate New York: Take the New York Thruway over the Tappan Zee Bridge to the cross Westchester Expressway (Interstate 287). Stay on the Expressway to the New England Thruway. Proceed South on the Thruway to the Throgs Neck Bridge. Follow "From the Throgs Neck Bridge," From New England: Proceed South to the New England Thruway (Interstate 95) and take this to the Throgs Neck Bridge. Follow "From the Throgs Neck Bridge," From the Throgs Neck Bridge: Take the Cross Island Pkwy. To the Grand Central Pkwy. East. The Grand Central Pkwy. Will turn into the Northern State Pkwy. Take this to exit 31A, the Meadowbrook Pkwy South. Take the Meadowbrook Pkwy. To exit M4 (Sign says "Hempstead, Coliseum"). Follow "From All Points," below. From Manhattan: Take the Midtown Tunnel to the Long Island Expressway (Interstate 495) east to exit 38, which is the Northern State Parkway East. Take this to exit 31A - The Meadowbrook Pkwy south. Take the Meadowbrook Pkwy to exit M4 (sign says "Hempstead, Coliseum".) From All Points: From exit M4 you will be on Route 24 West (also known as Hempstead Turnpike.) Stay on 24 W for about one mile. Pass the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on the right. Hofstra University is on both sides of Hempstead Turnpike. You will see two overhead walkways (Unispans)Make a left at the light just after the second walkway. The Admissions Center, Bernon Hall is the first building you will see on your left.

Local Accommodations
The Long Island Marriot (101 James Doolittle Blvd., Uniondale, NY/516-794-3800); Garden City Hotel (45 Seventh Street, Garden City, NY/516-747-3000); Hilton Garden Inn (575 Privado Road, Westbury, NY/1-516-683-8200).
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Key Stats

Acceptance Rate
SAT Scores

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