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Michigan State University The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management

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The Broad School Students Say...

At Broad School, which rhymes with "road," students can expect a collaborative, well-structured environment and one of the top supply chain management programs in the country. Students praise their fellow MBAs as "friendly and cooperative." Students add, "Our professors work with us outside of class on job searching and with case competitions as...

At Broad School, which rhymes with "road," students can expect a collaborative, well-structured environment and one of the top supply chain management programs in the country. Students praise their fellow MBAs as "friendly and cooperative." Students add, "Our professors work with us outside of class on job searching and with case competitions as advisors."

All first-year students are required to complete the same program of core courses. Students are divided into cohorts-groups of no more than 40—and follow the same class schedule during their first semester. Cohorts switch around and re-form in the second semester to ensure that all students get a chance to work with one another and gain additional perspectives. Students enjoy working with their classmates within this system. Many students agree, "The teamwork dynamic is very good. We even have a class dedicated to it in the first five weeks of our first semester." With this focus in mind, students say that professors do "a great job helping the students realize how important it is to work well together, figure out what to do when things go south, and how to persevere and overcome difficulties working with other people."

In the first year, students build a foundation with core business courses and courses in their selected concentrations (finance, human resource management, marketing, or supply chain management). Students also can take a second concentration in one of the other three primary areas, or select from one of the secondary concentrations. In the second year, students have flexibility as they take only two required courses (strategy and ethics) with the rest consisting of their concentration electives. Students feel that Broad has "a definite presence in supply chain management." One student says, "In this field, I find the material and professors to be top-tier and highly respected. Most [professors] teach from their own textbooks or teaching modules." All students are required to take at least one class with an international perspective along with one noncredit seminar in professional development. Many students also manage to create a customized course of study in topics like business information systems, corporate accounting, international business, and leadership and chain management.

There are two joint-degree options: international business and law and business. The international business degree is acquired through cooperation with Thunderbird—the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona. Students enrolled in this joint-degree program receive the master's of international management from Thunderbird and the master of business administration from Michigan State University. Students say that because international management isn't a strength of their school, "the dual degree relationship with Thunderbird is a plus."

Many students believe that "availability of courses" is a problem, especially outside of the supply-chain management program. They would also like to see more electives added to the curriculum. However, most students feel that overall "the growth potential of the school is great. We already have a great supply-chain program, are building up the finance program, and our HR folks always land great jobs."

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Visiting And Contact Information

Full-Time MBA Program

215 Eppley Center

East Lansing, MI 48824-1121

United States

Phone: 517-355-7604

Fax: 517-353-1649


Degrees / Programs
Academic Experience Rating: 60*
Concentrations: Human Resources, Finance, JD/MBA - Dual Degree, Marketing, Supply Chain Management
Centers of Research: Center for International Business and Education Research (CIBER); Business and Technology Center; James B. Henry Center for Executive Development; Troy Management Education Center; international student center; Numerous MBA student organizations, 3 intramural sports facilities; and 300+ student organizations.
Part Time Program: No
Evening Program: No
Executive MBA Program Offered: Yes
Other Advanced Degrees Offered: Full-Time MBA Program (21-month, daytime program), Weekend MBA (19-month, Fri./Sat. program), MS in Accounting (30-credit program may be completed in one academic year), MS in Supply Chain Management (19-Month program).
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: JD/MBA Program in conjunction with Michigan State University College of Law (4 year JD/MBA Program) and MBA/Masters in Global Management (MBA/M-GM Program) in conjuction with Thunderbird, School of Global Management
Other Programs: Broad vs. Broad Internal Case Competition, Professional Development Series, Big 10 Case Competition, Simon School (Rochester) Case Competition; National Black MBA Case Competition; Council of Logistics Management Case Competition; International Study Trip, Brand Boot Camp Career Treks, and Spartan Consulting (student-run consulting firm).
Academic Calendar: Semester
Online Course Catalog: http://mba.broad.msu.edu/academics/
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Supply Chain Management: broad.msu.edu/supplychain
Marketing-new product development: mba.msu.edu/academics/concentrations/msc/curriculum/innovation.cfm
Team decision-making: www.bus.msu.edu/mgt/lab/research/
Human Resource Management: broad.msu.edu/management/research
leadership and strategic management: www.bus.msu.edu/mgt/research.html
Management of the digital enterprise: www.bus.msu.edu/clode/
Financial Markets Institute: http://broad.msu.edu/finance/fmi
Accounting and Information Systems: broad.msu.edu/accounting
International business resources: globaledge.msu.edu/
Hospitality Business: http://www.bus.msu.edu/shb/
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Academic Services Offered
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:Yes
Peer Tutoring Programs:No
Minority Support Groups:Yes
Women Support Groups:Yes
Non-US Student Support Groups:Yes
Description:All international students must attend the International Orientation Program ("Bridge"). The program is designed to assist International students in the transition to the Broad School and to the United States. The program takes place before MBA Orientation in August.
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:No
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