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North Carolina State University Jenkins Graduate School of Management

Raleigh, NC
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Academic Programs
The NC State MBA curriculum was designed to prepare students for management careers and to provide unique offerings of technology-oriented courses and concentrations. In this program, you will develop a clear understanding of the business functions, such as marketing and finance. ...
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North Carolina State University Students Say...

Programs at North Carolina State University’s College of Management place a large emphasis on skills that will tie directly into the strengths of the region. With the university located in the state capital of Raleigh (a satellite program is also located in Durham), expect “a focus on technology... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

MBA Program Office /Campus Box 8114

Raleigh, NC 27695-8114

United States

Phone: 919-515-5584

Fax: 919-515-5073


Curriculum / Academic Overview
Academic Calendar: semester
Degrees Offered: MBA--Master of Business Administration Full-time (2-year, 56 credit hour program) and Professional (21-24 month, 39 credit hour program). Concentrations: Biosciences Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization, Financial Management, Marketing Management,Innovation Management, Services Management, and Supply Chain Management. Online (2-year, 45 credit hour program). No concentration.
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: Joint Masters of Microbial Biotechnology and MBA (3-year program) Joint Degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and MBA (5-year program) Joint Master of Accounting (MAC) and MBA (2-year program) Joint Master of Global Innovation Management (MGIM) and MBA (2-year program) Joint Master of Biomanufacturing (BIOM) and MBA (3-year program) Joint Juris Doctor (JD) and MBA (4-year program) Joint Master of Industrial Engineering (MIE)and MBA (2-year program)
Concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Finance, JD/MBA - Dual Degree, Marketing, MS/MBA -- Dual Degree, Product Management, Supply Chain Management
Study Abroad Options: Australia-University of Western Australia in Perth, Austria-Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Denmark-Copenhagen School of Business, France-Universite Catholique de Lille, Peru, Switzerland-Lausanne, England-University of England, and France-ESC in Rennes
Online Course Catalog: http://www.mgt.ncsu.edu/mba/full-time/course-descriptions/
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Student Faculty Ratio
Total Faculty
Academic specialties of facultyURL
Biosciences Managementwww.poole.ncsu.edu/mba/concentrations/biosciences/
Financial Managementwww.poole.ncsu.edu/mba/concentrations/financial/
Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercializationwww.poole.ncsu.edu/mba/concentrations/etc/
Marketing Managementwww.poole.ncsu.edu/mba/concentrations/marketing/
Innovation Managementwww.poole.ncsu.edu/mba/concentrations/innovation/
Supply Chain Managementwww.poole.ncsu.edu/mba/concentrations/supply-chain/
Courses in Sustainability: Yes
Sustainability course is: Optional
Description: http://poole.ncsu.edu/mba/full-time/curricula/course-descriptions/#a4493 MBA 590: Sustainability Demands that businesses attend to issues of sustainability will increase in coming years. For some companies, sustainability will just be another cost and drag on profits. Better companies, however, will find ways to create advantages and profitability through innovative approaches to meeting and shaping demands for sustainability. Middle and senior managers will increasingly be expected to have at least basic familiarity with and competence to manage sustainability issues and projects. Some new management career paths will focus on management of sustainability. The most skilled managers will discover or create opportunities for entrepreneurial action and substantial competitive advantage from their insights about and commitments toward sustainability. This course will introduce current issues and uncertainties around sustainability and allow students to familiarize themselves with the use of common and emerging tools for managing sustainability. It will also provide a foundation for students’ continued learning about this rapidly evolving managerial field. We will examine the cutting edge of approaches to thinking about sustainability in order to explore new ways to create innovation and competitive advantage through sustainability activities. Optionally (by registering for a fourth credit hour) students will have the opportunity to engage in a hands-on project related to the course content.
Research Opportunities in Sustainability: No
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Academic Support Services Offered
Non-US Student Support Groups:No
Women Support Groups:Yes
Description:The Women MBA International chapter has developed and organized a mentoring program in which alumni mentors advise students on important issues such as career mobility, work/life balance, and time management. To learn more about the mentoring program and NCSU chapter of NAWMBA, please visit: http://mgt.ncsu.edu/mba/alumni/mba_news.php http://clubs.ncsu.edu/nawmba/index.html
Minority Support Groups:No
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:No
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:Yes
Peer Tutoring Programs:No
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Academic Services Offered

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