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Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Stanford, CA
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Students are attracted to Stanford’s “culture of entrepreneurship and social welfare,” as well as its “strength in general management” and finance. “It’s simply the best,” explains one student, and the numerous students who turned down Harvard Business School for Stanford presumably agree.... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

518 Memorial Way

Stanford, CA 94302-5015

United States

Phone: 650-723-2744

Fax: 650-725-7831


Degrees / Programs
Academic Experience Rating: 98
Concentrations: JD/MBA - Dual Degree, Leadership/Management, MD/MBA -- Dual Degree, MS/MBA -- Dual Degree, Non-Profit Management/Public Administration
Centers of Research: Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford, Center for Leadership Development and Research, Center for Global Business and the Economy, Center for Social Innovation, Stanford Global Supply Chain Management forum, Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance.
Part Time Program: No
Evening Program: No
Executive MBA Program Offered: No
Other Advanced Degrees Offered: MBA (Masters of Business Administration) - 21 months; Stanford Sloan Masters Program (Master of Science in Management) for mid-career executives - 10 months; Stanford PhD Program.
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: It is possible to earn dual degrees with any other Stanford University departments. Joint degrees offered for JD/MBA, MBA/MA in Education, MBA/MS in Environment and Resources, and MBA/MPP (public policy).
Study Abroad Options: China (Tsinghua School of Management and Economics) exchange program. The Stanford MBA program has a Global Experience Requirement which requires all students to have a global experience through a study trip, service learning trip, summer work project, or exchange program in a country they have not lived or worked in before. The school offers more than a dozen study or service trips a year to help accomplish this. 15 study trip destinations in 2009-2010 included Argentina & Chile, Denmark & Sweden, France & Lebanon, Ghana & Senegal,India, Indonesia & Singapore, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Cambodia & Thailand, China, and South Africa.
Other Programs: Public Management Program
Academic Calendar: Quarter
Online Course Catalog: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/research/courses/electives.html
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Student Faculty Ratio: 6:1
Total Faculty: 64%
Full-Time Faculty: 64%
Part-Time Faculty: 36%
Female Faculty: 20%
Minority Faculty: 11%
New curriculum introduced 2007/2008: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/academics/
Curriculum year 1: www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/academics/curriculum_year1.html
Curriculum year 2: www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/academics/curriculum_year2.html
Public Management Program: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/academics/pmp.html
Joint and Dual degrees: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/academics/joint_dual_degrees.html
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Academic Services Offered
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:Yes
Peer Tutoring Programs:Yes
Description:MBA2s (and MBA1s after mid terms) are invited to tutor in the required courses. By volunteering time, students help continue the culture of cooperation and teamwork that makes the GSB special.
Minority Support Groups:Yes
Description:Asian Society, Black Business Students Association (BBSA), Hispanic Business Students Association (HBSA), Jewish Business Students Association, Latin American Club http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/admimssions/services/clubs.html
Women Support Groups:Yes
Non-US Student Support Groups:Yes
Description:There is a dedicated international advisor in the Student Life Office and other staff in key areas such as the CMC and MBA Admissions that help students: obtain a study visa, change current visa status, obtain a U.S. Social Security Number, and adapt to U.S. classroom environments. http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/studentlife/international_students.html Canadian Club, Global Management Program, Greater China Business Club, Europe Club, South Asian Students Association, International Development Club, Management Communications Program, Asian Society, African Business Club, Latin American Club and Student Association International Committee.
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:Yes
Description:OUt4Biz http://www.gab.stanford.edu/admissions/services/clubs.html
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Degrees / Programs

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  • Female Faculty:
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Academic Services Offered

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  • Minority Support Groups:
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