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San Diego State University College of Business Administration

San Diego, CA
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It is not difficult to sum up the qualities that draw students to San Diego State University’s Graduate School of Business. One student explains, “[It’s a] nice location for me, good class times, a competitive curriculum, and a good solid reputation for a great up-and-coming business program and... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

5500 Campanile Drive

San Diego, CA 92182-8228

United States

Phone: (619) 594-8073

Fax: (619) 594-1863


Degrees / Programs
Academic Experience Rating: 88
Concentrations: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Administration, Finance, Information Systems/Information Technology, International Business, JD/MBA - Dual Degree, Leadership/Management, Marketing, MS/MBA -- Dual Degree, Product Management, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management
Centers of Research: Center for International Business Education & Research (CIBER) Centre for Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Center for Accounting in the Public Interest (CAPI) Center for the Study of Personal Financial Planning The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) Entrepreneurial Management Center (EMC) Institute for Athletes in Retirement and Transition Institute for Inclusiveness & Diversity in Organizations (IIDO) International Institute for the Commercialization of Biomedical Innovation (IICBI) Real Estate & Land Use Institute Wells Fargo Financial Markets Laboratory
Part Time Program: Yes
Evening Program: Yes
Executive MBA Program Offered: Yes
Other Advanced Degrees Offered: Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2-4 yrs to complete; Master of Science in Business Administration (MS)1-2 yrs; Master of Science in Accountancy (MS)1-2 yrs.
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: Master of Business Administration/Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MBA/MA)3-4 yrs. Joint MBA/JD 4 yrs to complete
Academic Calendar: semester
Online Course Catalog: http://arweb.sdsu.edu/es/catalog/bulletin/
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Total Faculty: 68.9%
Full-Time Faculty: 68.9%
Part-Time Faculty: 31.1%
Female Faculty: 20%
Minority Faculty: 17.8%
Entrepreneurship: www.sdsu.edu/emc
Accounting: msa.sdsu.edu
Management: www.sdsu.edu/business
Finance: www.sdsu.edu/business
Marketing: www.sdsu.edu/business
Supply Chain Management: www.sdsu.edu/business
Information Systems: www.sdsu.edu/business
International Business: www.sdsu.edu/business
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Academic Services Offered
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:No
Peer Tutoring Programs:No
Minority Support Groups:No
Women Support Groups:No
Non-US Student Support Groups:Yes
Description:The university International Student Center (ISC) advances San Diego State University as a global learning community by serving as a crossroads for students from around the world seeking educational opportunities at SDSU, and for SDSU students seeking educational opportunities in other countries. The ISC offers a full range of programs and services to foster student success, global perspectives, intercultural awareness and international good will. http://www.isc.sdsu.edu/index.html
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:No
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Degrees / Programs

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  • Executive MBA:
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  • Total Faculty:
  • Full-Time Faculty:
  • Part-Time Faculty:
  • Female Faculty:
  • Minority Faculty:

Academic Services Offered

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  • Peer Tutoring:
  • Minority Support Groups:
  • Women Support Groups:
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