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Illinois State University College of Business

Normal, IL
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Campus Box 5570

MBA Program

Normal, IL 61790-5570

United States

Phone: 309-438-8388

Fax: 309-438-7255


Curriculum / Academic Overview
Academic Calendar: semester
Degrees Offered: Master of Business Administration - 36 hours plus any required foundation courses Master of Science in Accounting - 33 hours plus any required foundation courses
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: Master of Professional Accountancy - 30 hours beyond the undergraduate degree in accounting
Concentrations: Accounting, Human Resources, Finance, Leadership/Management, Marketing
Study Abroad Options: France (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales, ESSCA, Angers; Ecole Superieure Internationale de Commerce, ESIDEC, Metz), Mexico (Monterrey Institute of Technology, ITESM, Queretaro), England (University of the West of England, Bristol), Japan (Chuo University, Tokyo), and Germany (University of Paderborn, Paderborn)
Online Course Catalog: http://www.mba.ilstu.edu/common/course_descriptions.htm
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Academic specialties of facultyURL
Insurance and Financial Servicesbusiness.illinoisstate.edu/katie/faculty_staff/rmifac.shtml
Courses in Sustainability: No
Sustainability course is: Optional
Description: We do cover sustainability issues in several courses. In some classes it is in excess of 50% of the information covered. However, we do not have a course soley devoted to the subject.
Research Opportunities in Sustainability: Yes
Description: MKT 430 (Advanced Marketing Management): Student Teams worked with clients on sustainability themed projects. Projects in this course were diverse and ranged from developing a market entry strategy for energy saving shelf stable packaged milk in K-12 schools in Illinois on behalf of the world’s largest liquid container manufacturer, to how to cost effectively and responsibly dispose of mountains of coal ash produced by coal powered power plants, and to site selection in the U.S. for manufacturing plants to cleanly process used rubber tires into usable products such as diesel fuel and crumb rubber on behalf of an Gurnee, Illinois based startup.
School's environmental commitment:  
1: In 2007 the College became one of the first U.S. business schools to sign the “Principle for Responsible Management Education (PRME).” By signing on to PRME, the College has reinforced commitment to educating future business leaders on various social impact issues. In spring 2009 a taskforce was created to coordinate the College’s efforts along this line. The taskforce has deployed a survey to gather baseline data about incorporating PRME principles in teaching and research. It has also presented a series of panel discussion under the titles “PRME in the Classroom” and “Sustainable Teaching, Learning, and Living.”
2: Since the fall 2009 semester the MBA students in International Marketing have engaged in marketing research and planning for businesses that try to market products that utilize pro-environment inputs rather than 100% conventional materials. These real client projects offer practical opportunities for students to build desire and capability to contribute sustainable marketing efforts. In these multidisciplinary projects our students collaborate with individuals outside the College of Business.
3: Illinois State University's MBA Association (MBAA) provides a bridge between MBA students and the MBA Program. Its mission is to create a diverse and supportive community to enhance the academic, professional, & social development of MBA students. With its own constitution, elected officers, and autonomous budget, the MBAA organizes various programs and activities for its members - the MBA students. They include career and professional development seminars, corporate field trips, guest speakers, MBA awards and recognition programs, networking events, and notably, activities related to social, ethical, environmental, and cultural issues. Over the recent years the MBAA has (co)sponsored or participated in many programs on and off campus that are related to sustainability, ethics, environment, and other social impact agenda: •Sustainability Pledge: Pledge to encourage students (and faculty/staff) to take personal action in their daily lives that enhance the sustainability efforts on the campus community. •Habitat for Humanity 5K Run and Fundraiser: Notably the fundraiser in November 2010 was established by our MBA alum who runs a successful entrepreneurial franchise in the region. •Relay for Life, V-Day, Alternative Spring Break, American Democracy Project, Global Children Outreach: Programs that bring students together for the causes of fight against cancer, preventing violence against women, addressing issues of hunger, homelessness and disability concerns, promoting democratic and ethical citizenship, and helping street children, orphans, and impoverished children. •Spring Clean-Up: As a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for the College's 2011 Business Week event, the MBAA adopts a section of a local trail for a spring clean-up.
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Academic Support Services Offered
Non-US Student Support Groups:No
Women Support Groups:No
Minority Support Groups:No
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:No
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:No
Peer Tutoring Programs:No
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