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Fordham University Graduate School of Business Administration

New York, NY
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Admissions Programs
Admissions to Fordham Business is very competitive. We accept applications for full-time studies in the Fall and Spring. Part-time applicants are given the opportunity to apply for the Fall, Spring and Summer. Admissions works on a rolling basis with separate deadlines for...
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Fordham University Students Say...

To apply to Fordham, prospective students must submit a completed application, college transcripts, a resume, three essays, and two letters of recommendation. In recent years, successful admits have five years of professional work experience, and an average GMAT score of 577 (for part-time... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

113 West 60th Street

Suite 616

New York, NY 10023

United States

Phone: 212-636-6200

Fax: 212-636-7076


Admissions Statistics
Admissions Selectivity Rating:80
Average UGrad GPA:3.3
Average GMAT Score:614
GMAT Range (25-75%):570 - 650
Average Years of Work Experience:5
Total # of Applicants:486
Total # of Applicants Accepted:325
Total # Enrolled:137
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Application Process
Rolling Admission:Yes
Rolling Admission Deadline:06/01
Rolling Decision Notification:No
Regular Application Deadline:06/01
International Application Deadline:05/01
In-State Application Fee:$130
Out-of-State Application Fee:$130
International Applicant Application Fee:$130
Applications accepted for other terms than Fall:Yes
Terms and Deadlines:Spring (11/01); Summer (03/01)
Early Decision Programs:No
Transfer Applicants Accepted:No
Deferred Admission:Yes
Admissions Process Need Blind:Yes
Admissions Journal:
Located in New York City, the center of global business, Fordham Business combines academic rigor with program flexibility and business experience, empowering our students to succeed by developing a unique portfolio of career assets. Succeeding in the new world of business requires approaching your MBA the same way you approach your financial investments. In an unpredictable environment — to maximize return and minimize risk — you want to take a portfolio approach. You invest in a range of career assets, falling into three categories: knowledge, experience, and networks. And then you need to learn how to manage them. At Fordham, your Career and Academic Advisors help you focus your career goals through one-on-one assessment and advice. They also give you the opportunity to meet with experienced alumni to discuss job functions and industries related to your skills and interests. To increase your success, they encourage you to think about both short- and long-term goals to develop career options. Once you define your goals, your Career and Academic Advisors work with you to develop a plan to meet them. You'll look at ways to leverage your current assets. You'll identify gaps you need to fill with new investments in knowledge, experience, and networks. Then you'll develop an investment plan based on short-term and long-term strategies. In the short-term, the goal is to differentiate yourself from the many others seeking the job you want. In the long-term, you want your portfolio of career assets to be diversified enough to keep your opportunities open and strong in a constantly shifting future. This ensures maximum Return On Investment (ROI) over your entire career. Finally, we help you map out a concrete program for you to acquire the knowledge, experience, and network assets you need to implement your strategic plan. To implement your investment plan, we provide you with the resources and flexibility to acquire and combine a wide range of knowledge, experience, and network assets — in unique ways. You are offered extensive opportunities to acquire knowledge assets through a wide range of courses, concentrations, specializations, and international options — and we give you an unmatched degree of flexibility to assemble these courses in the way that best suits your needs. Through our relationships with companies in New York, the center of global business, we offer multiple opportunities for you to acquire real-world experience through internships, field study and special programs. We also enable you to move between part- and full-time status so you can continue to add to your portfolio of experience as you earn your MBA. At Fordham, you tap into a network of thousands of successful, highly connected Fordham Business alumni, who provide unparalleled one-to-one support, connections, and advice through our unique mentorship program. In addition, our small class sizes encourage fellow students and professors to share the extensive networks they're part of through work, consulting, and research.
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Admissions Requirements
GMAT Score:Required
Essay / Personal Statement:Required
Undergraduate GPA:Required
Extracurricular Activities:Optional
Letters of Recommendation:Required
Work Experience:Required
State Residency:Optional
Other:-Goals and aspirations -Unique attributes that add value to the learning experience. -Leadership quality and potential
For Non-Native English Speakers:TOEFL Required:Yes
TOEFL Recommended:No
Minimum TOEFL Score
(Paper Based Test):
Minimum TOEFL Score
(Computer Based Test):
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Admissions Factors
GMAT Score:Important
Undergraduate GPA:Important
Letters of Recommendation:Important
Essay / Personal Statement:Important
Extracurricular Activities:Important
Work Experience:Very Important
Other Factors:Considered
Special programs offered to recruit underrepresented students or students with disadvantaged backgrounds:Not Reported
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Admissions Requirements

  • Admissions Selectivity Rating:
  • Average Ugrad GPA:
  • Average GMAT Score:
  • GMAT Range (25-75%):
    570 - 650
  • Average Years of Work Experience:
  • Rolling Admission:
  • Application Deadline:
  • Application Fee: