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University of Georgia Terry College of Business

Athens, GA
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Applicants to UGA are evaluated for academic and intellectual ability, personal qualities, professional experience, and management potential. The school evaluates these factors based on a student's academic transcripts, admissions essays, GMAT scores, professional resume, honors and activities,... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

358 Brooks Hall

Terry College of Business

Athens, GA 30602-6264

United States

Phone: 706-542-5671

Fax: 706-583-8277


Admissions Statistics
Admissions Selectivity Rating:89
Average UGrad GPA:3.31
Average GMAT Score:645
GMAT Range (25-75%):610 - 680
Average Years of Work Experience:4.6
Total # of Applicants:212
Total # of Applicants Accepted:95
Total # Enrolled:49
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Application Process
Rolling Admission:No
Rolling Decision Notification:Yes
Application Deadline Round 1:10/15
Notification Date Round 1:12/03
Application Deadline Round 2:12/03
Notification Date Round 2:02/04
Application Deadline Round 3:01/15
Notification Date Round 3:03/13
Application Deadline Round 4:03/04
Notification Date Round 4:05/01
In-State Application Fee:$100
Out-of-State Application Fee:$100
International Applicant Application Fee:$100
Applications accepted for other terms than Fall:No
Early Decision Programs:No
Transfer Applicants Accepted:No
Deferred Admission:Yes
Admissions Process Need Blind:Yes
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Admissions Requirements
GMAT Score:Required
Essay / Personal Statement:Required
Undergraduate GPA:Required
Extracurricular Activities:Required
Letters of Recommendation:Optional
Work Experience:Required
State Residency:Optional
Other:Evidence of leadership potential, level of self-awareness, communication skills (written and oral), career achievements and advancement.
For Non-Native English Speakers:TOEFL Required:Yes
TOEFL Recommended:No
Minimum TOEFL Score
(Paper Based Test):
Minimum TOEFL Score
(Computer Based Test):
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Admissions Factors
GMAT Score:Very Important
Undergraduate GPA:Very Important
Letters of Recommendation:Not Considered
Essay / Personal Statement:Important
Interviews:Very Important
Extracurricular Activities:Considered
Work Experience:Very Important
Other Factors:Considered
Special programs offered to recruit underrepresented students or students with disadvantaged backgrounds:Annual Future Scholars Visitation Program
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Admissions Requirements

  • Admissions Selectivity Rating:
  • Average Ugrad GPA:
  • Average GMAT Score:
  • GMAT Range (25-75%):
    610 - 680
  • Average Years of Work Experience:
  • Rolling Admission:
  • Last Application Deadline:
  • Last Notification Deadline:
  • Application Fee:
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