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St. John’s University The Peter J. Tobin College of Business

Queens, NY
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Campus Life / Facilities

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Campus and Location
The Tobin College has succeeded in launching the careers of more than 35,000 business leaders worldwide. Special opportunities exist for students to network with alumni of the college for the purposes of career information, development and internships.

The Main Library...
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As with most MBA programs, many people commute to class since they have full-time jobs, but since the four campuses are located in major cities those who do attend find the commute “very convenient.” In New York there are campuses in Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island and students love that they... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

8000 Utopia Parkway

Bent Hall 111

Queens, NY 11439

United States

Phone: 718-990-1345

Fax: 718-990-5242


Research Facilities
School Research Centers: The Main Library of the University is in St. Augustine's Hall, located on the Queens Campus, which hosts a "Graduate Commons" specifically dedicated to our graduate population. Together with the collections of the Loretto Memorial Library on the Staten Island Campus, the Law School Library, the Oakdale Campus Library, and the Rome Campus Library, the total University Libraries collections number 1.7 million volumes and include more than 6,000 periodic subscriptions. These materials support course offerings as well as student cultural and recreational interests. Collections include government documents and audiovisual materials. There is also an extensive collection of indexes, abstracts, and full text databases. The Financial Information Lab in Marillac Hall enhances the education we deliver through the establishment of a learning environment that brings real-time news, market information, financial data and industry-class analytical tools to our students and faculty.” This type of facility enables our students to learn about and live in the financial markets in business environments and situations throughout the world. The Tools: The Financial Information Lab offers state-of-the-art software systems and databases to support hands-on, real-world student learning as well as faculty research. Its core applications are FactSet and Bloomberg, both extremely flexible applications which process accounting data, securities prices and performance, portfolio analysis, earnings estimates, expansive economics data series, fixed income, and information on mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, and private placements. Computers: All 33 computers upgraded in 2011 and equipped with dual display, side-by-side monitors. FactSet (www.factset.com) software, a premium suite of financial analytical tools and databases, installed on all 32 stations on the floor and at the podium. 15 stations equipped with both the Bloomberg system and FactSet. Three printers (one color) with ID swipe control. Ceiling Mounted LCD Screens:support viewing of up to 2 cable and financial news broadcasts simultaneously. DirecTV Channels: Fox Business channel Bloomberg CNBC CNBC World Court TV Discovery Health Fox News Channel CNN MSNBC Headline News Current TV Travel Channel Weather Channel C-SPAN C-SPAN2 Audio/Visual Features: A podium is equipped with a computer, dual monitors, a microphone, laptop connector, and DVD/VCR player, along with a control panel. The microphone and audio feed through six speakers set into the ceiling. There are three ceiling projectors...one for each of the PC monitors and the third (nearest to the podium) for either a laptop, DVD or VCR image. World Clocks: A digital strip of clocks sits above the main entry/exit door between the FIL and Marillac microlab and displays the time in six different parts of the world, starting with New York and moving east to London, Beirut, New Delhi, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Tracker Board: The Tracker Board provides a continuously-updated snapshot of the financial markets throughout the day. It displays, on a scrolling basis: The list and current prices of the holdings of The Tobin College of Business undergraduate and graduate Student-Managed Investment Funds (SMIFs). Values of major domestic and international stock indices. Futures contract prices. Currency exchange rates. Treasury security rates and quotes. Market prices of major sector ETFs (consumer discretionary, consumer staples, healthcare, utilities, energy, telecommunications, information tech, industrials, materials, financials.) Competitive Advantage: Building on our traditions of producing business practitioners who recognize opportunities and use these to competitive advantage, the College is moving in a direction that will further build visibility for programs in all of our major areas of study. Our Manhattan campus Library has one Bloomberg terminal along with 4 computers equipped with FactSet Staten Island has a computer with both FactSet and Bloomberg installed on it for student use.
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Campus Life / Facilities

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