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Texas Christian University M. J. Neeley School of Business

Campus Life / Facilities

Texas Christian University Says...

Campus and Location
Neeley MBA students are in good company, interacting with other highly motivated, rising professionals who have a variety of academic and career successes under their belts. Purposefully selected to create a broad cross-section of industry experience, academic credentials and geographic backgrounds, Neel...
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Texas Christian University Students Say...

Despite its modest size, you’ll find plenty of diversity on the TCU campus. The school attracts a unique group of students whose collective “experience crosses the globe and many different industries.” An ambitious and “capable” group, MBA students are also collaborative: Here, “students are often found working and studying together” as they try to...

Visiting And Contact Information

TCU Box 298540

Fort Worth, TX 76129

United States

Phone: 817-257-7531

Fax: 817-257-6431


Research Facilities
School Research Centers: University Library-our university is in the process of remodeling the library to accommodate more students.
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Technology on Campus
% of Classrooms with Internet Access: 100%
Campus-Wide Network: Yes
Email Address for All Students: Yes
Fees for Internet Access: No
Require or Recommend Students Own Computers: Recommended
Recommend Laptop or Desktop: Laptop
Discount Offers from PC Vendors: No
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Key Statistics

Campus Life / Facilities

  • % of Classrooms with Internet Access:
  • Campus-Wide Network:
  • Internet Access for All Students:
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