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University of Illinois—Chicago Liautaud Graduate School of Business Administration

Campus Life / Facilities

University of Illinois—Chicago Students Say...

The reputation of Liautaud’s MBA program along with the allure of Chicago attracts stu­dents ranging “from helicopter pilots to surgeons, and consultants to bankers.” The mix also includes “mid-career types [who] are attending classes part-time” and “students raised in India and China [who] are having their first U.S. experience at UIC.”

One stu...

One student proclaims, “These are down-to-earth people who are future entrepreneurs and the people that keep Chicago’s small- to mid-size businesses going.” Described as “competitive, bright, caring, social, and heartwarmingly nerdy,” these students “group within their concentrations and have many opportunities to network outside of class.” “There several active student organizations, including Net Impact and the MBAA” on campus.

Despite the many opportunities to socialize and network, it can sometimes be a challenge for Liautaud sudents to meet up in person. “All classes are held in the evenings so stu­dents have to make a deliberate effort to schedule time to get involved,” observes one student. In addition, “most graduate students live off campus, and many have full-time jobs. This means that group collaboration occurs mostly online.” Given its high popula­tion of commuters, students are pleased that “the campus itself is in a great spot for com­muters from around Chicago, just west of downtown. And there are great places to eat nearby.” More More

Visiting And Contact Information

601 South Morgan

MC 077, University Hall 11th Floor

Chicago, IL 60607

United States

Phone: 312-996-4573

Fax: 312-413-0338


Research Facilities
School Research Centers: Center for Urban Business; Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies; Center for Human Resource Management; International Center for Futures and Derivatives; Center for Research in Information Management; Center for Urban Real Estate;
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Technology on Campus
% of Classrooms with Internet Access: 100%
Campus-Wide Network: Yes
Email Address for All Students: Yes
Fees for Internet Access: No
Require or Recommend Students Own Computers: Recommended
Recommend Laptop or Desktop: No Preference
Discount Offers from PC Vendors: No
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Key Statistics

Campus Life / Facilities

  • % of Classrooms with Internet Access:
  • Campus-Wide Network:
  • Internet Access for All Students:
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