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Auburn University Montgomery School of Business

Montgomery, AL
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Campus Life / Facilities

Auburn University Montgomery Students Say...

AUM MBAs are “mostly working students between their mid-20s and mid-30s in age, with some being older.” Most “work full time and go to school at night” and, despite their busy schedules, find a way to remain “extremely focused on their class work and understanding of the material” while also being... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

P. O. Box 244023

Montgomery, AL 36124-4023

United States

Phone: 334-244-3623

Fax: 334-244-3927


Technology on Campus
Campus-Wide Network: Yes
Email Address for All Students: Yes
Fees for Internet Access: No
Require or Recommend Students Own Computers: Neither
Recommend Laptop or Desktop: No Preference
Discount Offers from PC Vendors: Yes
Computer Resources: No Preference
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Campus Life / Facilities

  • Campus-Wide Network:
  • Internet Access for All Students:
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