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Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business

Hanover, NH
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Tuck Students Say...

Tuck is “very focused on helping students land the jobs they came here to get.” “The Career Development Office works tirelessly on behalf of students,” though this benefit is most useful for students pursuing “traditional career paths (i.e., consulting, finance, gen­eral management).” However,... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

100 Tuck Hall

Hanover, NH 03755

United States

Phone: 603-646-3162

Fax: 603-646-1441


Career Statistics
Career Rating: 99
Average Starting Salary: $115,031
% of full-time graduates that were seeking employment:
Received a job offer by graduation: 91%
Received a job offer within 3 months of graduation: 95%
Accepted employment by graduation: 81%
Accepted employment within 3 months of graduation: 91%
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Prominent Alumni
CARLOS RODRÍGUEZ-PASTOR JR. Chairman of the Board, Interbank
Elyse Allan President & CEO, General Electric Canada
Roger McNamee Co-Founder & Advisory Director, Elevation Partners
Thomas McInerney COO, ING Insurance
Debi Brooks Co-Founder, Michael J. Fox Foundation
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