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Rice University Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business

Houston, TX
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The Jones School / Rice MBA Says...

Career Services and Placement
The Career Management Center (CMC) is housed within the Jones School building and works only with Rice MBA students and alumni. The CMC serves to support each student's development of a career plan throughout their two years at the Jones School. From day one of...
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The Jones School / Rice MBA Students Say...

The “dynamic” metropolitan city of Houston is “a great location to look for a new career.” The school is “well connected with Houston's energy community” and “energy and financial firms are strong here and come to Rice often.” Additionally, Rice alumni are “tremendously helpful.”Networking on... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

MBA Admissions, PO Box 2932 - MS 531

Jones School

Houston, TX 77252-2932

United States

Phone: 888-844-4773

Fax: 713-348-6147


Career Statistics
Career Rating: 98
Average Starting Salary: $101,229
% of full-time graduates that were seeking employment:
Received a job offer by graduation: 84.4%
Received a job offer within 3 months of graduation: 96.9%
Accepted employment by graduation: 79.2%
Accepted employment within 3 months of graduation: 93.75%
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Graduates Employed by Areas of Practice
% of graduates accepting new jobs by professional function:
Marketing/Sales: 10%
Mean Base Salary: $86,800
Operations/Logistics: 6.7%
Mean Base Salary: $99,167
Consulting: 24.4%
Mean Base Salary: $117,140
General Management: 5.6%
Mean Base Salary: $92,200
Finance/Accounting: 46.7%
Mean Base Salary: $98,480
Human Resources: 0%
Information Technology: 0%
Mean Base Salary: $0
Other: 6.7%
Mean Base Salary: $96,833
% of graduates accepting new jobs by industry:
Manufacturing: 2.2%
Financial Services: 23.3%
Mean Base Salary: $96,200
Consulting: 20%
Mean Base Salary: $120,753
Other: 4.4%
Mean Base Salary: $103,333
Non-profit: 0%
Government: 0%
% of graduates accepting new jobs by undergraduate major:
Technical: 30%
Mean Base Salary: $109,081
Business: 33%
Mean Base Salary: $96,361
Other: 37%
Mean Base Salary: $98,517
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Graduates Employed by Region
United States:
Northeast: 3.3%
Middle Atlantic: 1.1%
South: 0%
Midwest: 1.1%
Southwest: 90%
West: 2.2%
Possessions and Territories: 1.1%
Non-US (International): 1.1%
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Prominent Alumni
James S. Turley Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young LLP
Fran Vallejo Vice President & Treasurer, ConocoPhillips
Lee Boothby CEO, Newfield Exploration Company
Chris Kreidler CFO, Sysco Corporation
Kimberly C. David Senior VP and CFO, Baylor College of Medicine
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Top Five Employers
Ernst & Young
FMC Technologies
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Graduates Employed by Area of Practice

  • Marketing:
  • Operations/Logistics:
  • Consulting:
  • General Management:
  • Finance/Accounting:
  • Human Resources:
  • Information Technology:
  • Other: