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The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

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The University of Chicago Students Say...

The Booth Career Services Office doesn’t have to work hard; as one student explains, “The network and doors that open up to a graduate from Chicago Booth are outstand­ing. Gaining an MBA from this school carries a lot of weight and in the job market no one will question your education.” That...
Career Statistics
Career Rating: 83
Average Starting Salary: $116,302
% of full-time graduates that were seeking employment:
Received a job offer by graduation: 86.3%
Received a job offer within 3 months of graduation: 7.3%
Accepted employment by graduation: 82.1%
Accepted employment within 3 months of graduation: 8.7%
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Graduates Employed by Areas of Practice
% of graduates accepting new jobs by professional function:
Marketing/Sales: 10.8%
Mean Base Salary: $110,855
Operations/Logistics: 1.9%
Mean Base Salary: $115,714
Consulting: 30.9%
Mean Base Salary: $130,540
General Management: 15.7%
Mean Base Salary: $106,176
Finance/Accounting: 40.3%
Mean Base Salary: $109,676
Human Resources: 0%
Information Technology: 0%
Other: 0.4%
% of graduates accepting new jobs by industry:
Manufacturing: 4.2%
Mean Base Salary: $109,251
Financial Services: 35.2%
Mean Base Salary: $110,129
Consulting: 30.7%
Mean Base Salary: $130,770
Other: 1.3%
Mean Base Salary: $105,625
Non-profit: 1.5%
Mean Base Salary: $90,667
Government: 0.2%
% of graduates accepting new jobs by undergraduate major:
Technical: 31.5%
Mean Base Salary: $116,589
Business: 53%
Mean Base Salary: $115,435
Other: 15.5%
Mean Base Salary: $117,790
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Graduates Employed by Region
United States:
Northeast: 23.3%
Middle Atlantic: 2.3%
South: 2.1%
Midwest: 32.8%
Southwest: 6.1%
West: 16.3%
Possessions and Territories: 0%
Non-US (International): 16.9%
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Prominent Alumni
William Conway Managing Director, The Carlyle Group
Brady Dougan CEO Investment Banking, Credit Suisse
Gene Fama Nobel Laureate
Satya Nadella CEO, Microsoft
Sue Wagner Co-Founder, BlackRock Financial Management
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Top Five Employers
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Bain & Company, Inc.
The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Credit Suisse
A.T. Kearney, Inc.
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  • Avg. Starting Salary:
  • Career Rating:

Graduates Employed by Area of Practice

  • Marketing:
  • Operations/Logistics:
  • Consulting:
  • General Management:
  • Finance/Accounting:
  • Human Resources:
  • Information Technology:
  • Other:
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