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Pepperdine University The Graziadio School of Business and Management

Los Angeles, CA
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Pepperdine University Students Say...

Students at Graziadio are decidedly mixed when it comes to the career services, oppor­tunities and insight available. On the one hand, professors certainly “bring valuable career experience into the classroom” which many find “extremely beneficial.” Additionally, the “E2B…is a great way to get... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

6100 Center Drive, Ste. 400

Los Angeles, CA 90045

United States

Phone: 310-568-5555

Fax: 310-568-5727


Career Statistics
Career Rating: 79
Average Starting Salary: $69,167
% of full-time graduates that were seeking employment:
Received a job offer by graduation: 40%
Received a job offer within 3 months of graduation: 23%
Accepted employment by graduation: 40%
Accepted employment within 3 months of graduation: 23%
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Graduates Employed by Areas of Practice
% of graduates accepting new jobs by professional function:
Marketing/Sales: 13%
Mean Base Salary: $72,637
Operations/Logistics: 5%
Mean Base Salary: $83,000
Consulting: 3%
Mean Base Salary: $75,000
General Management: 9%
Mean Base Salary: $84,375
Finance/Accounting: 10%
Mean Base Salary: $55,640
Human Resources: 4%
Mean Base Salary: $68,500
Information Technology: 0%
Mean Base Salary: $0
Other: 1%
Mean Base Salary: $45,000
% of graduates accepting new jobs by industry:
Manufacturing: 1%
Mean Base Salary: $36,000
Financial Services: 10%
Mean Base Salary: $78,126
Consulting: 5%
Mean Base Salary: $60,600
Other: 6%
Mean Base Salary: $58,232
Non-profit: 1%
Mean Base Salary: $48,000
Government: 2%
Mean Base Salary: $62,000
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Graduates Employed by Region
United States:
Northeast: 6%
Middle Atlantic: 2%
South: 6%
Midwest: 2%
Southwest: 0%
West: 84%
Possessions and Territories: 0%
Non-US (International): 6%
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Prominent Alumni
Victor Tsao Founder, Vice President and General Manager, Linksys
John Figueroa President, McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical
Christos M. Cotsakos CEO and President, Mainstream Holdings
Jose A. Collazo Vice Chairman and President, Form I-9 Compliance, LLC
Jason Nazar Founder and CEO, Docstoc.com
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Top Five Employers
Bank of America
Deloitte & Touche
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  • Avg. Starting Salary:
  • Career Rating:

Graduates Employed by Area of Practice

  • Marketing:
  • Operations/Logistics:
  • Consulting:
  • General Management:
  • Finance/Accounting:
  • Human Resources:
  • Information Technology:
  • Other:
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