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California State University - Northridge College of Business and Economics

Northridge, CA
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Nazarian College Students Say...

Almost all MBA candidates at Cal State Northridge are working professionals hoping to advance in their current career. While the MBA program prepares them to take on profes­sional challenges, many feel that the school needs “better career services for MBA” stu­dents looking to make a career change. ... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

18111 Nordhoff Street

JH 3109

Northridge, CA 91330-8380

United States

Phone: 818-677-2467

Fax: 818-677-3188


Career Statistics
Career Rating: 64
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Prominent Alumni
David Nazarian CEO, Nimes Capital, entrepreneur and investor in wireless communications
Dave Liston CFO Caruso Affiliated
Stephen Bollenbach CEO, Hilton Hotels
Vincent Barabba Twice Director of US Census, GM Executive
Charles Noski CFO, AT&T
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