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Columbia University Columbia Business School

Student Body

Columbia University Says...

Students have a variety of opportunities outside the classroom to hear from those with seasoned perspectives:hundreds of noted business leaders visit the school each year as lecturers, teachers, and mentors.The Millennium Lecture Series brings to campus such world leaders and heads of state as King Abdullah II of Jordan and Benjamin Netanyahu...
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Visiting And Contact Information

3022 Broadway

Uris Hall, Room 216

New York, NY 10027

United States

Phone: 212-854-1961

Fax: 212-662-6754


Student Body Profile
Total Enrollment: 1,279
Parent Institution Enrollment: 29,250
% Full-Time: 100%
Female: 37%
Minorities: 26%
International: 32%
Average Age at Entry: 28.00
Average Years of Work Experience: 5
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Key Statistics

Student Body

  • Total Enrollment:
  • % Full-Time:
  • % Female:
  • % Underrepresented Minorities:
  • % International:
  • Avg Age:
  • Avg Years of Work Experience:
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