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Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Washington, DC
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Student Body

Georgetown McDonough Says...

Teamwork, cooperation and friendly competition are emphasized. Because classes are smaller, students develop close relationships with one another, Faculty and administrators. This atmosphere of easy camaraderie extends to an active social life, both on Georgetown’s campus and in Washington, D.C....
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Visiting And Contact Information

Rafik B. Hariri Building

37th & O Street, NW

Washington, DC 20057

United States

Phone: (202) 687-4200

Fax: (202) 687-7809


Student Body Profile
Total Enrollment: 905
Parent Institution Enrollment: 17,849
% Full-Time: 57%
Female: 31%
Minorities: 6%
International: 36%
% Part-Time: 43%
Female: 32%
Average Age at Entry: 28.00
Average Years of Work Experience: 4
Student Organizations: http://msb.georgetown.edu/prospective/graduate/mba/student/involved
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Student Testimonials
Kristin Ryba
Graduation Year: 2006

"Georgetown MBA is located in the center of the government, business and non-profit worlds. The Georgetown name and network are strong, and we are a community. My classmates' diverse backgrounds make class discussions and teamwork more valuable. Everyone contributes a unique perspective."

Huda Al-Mousa
Graduation Year: 2007

"Georgetown's emphasis on international business sets it apart from other business schools. Our D.C. location is an advantage that cannot be imitated, and our reputation as an internationally-oriented institution is unrivaled. Having distinguished speakers from all over the world -- like the former president of Spain or U.S. ambassador to China -- is an everyday occurrence at Georgetown."

Ana Sofia Dominguez G.
Graduation Year: 2005

"My favorite class was the Global Integrative Experience. My team worked on an international pricing strategy project for a multinational pharmaceutical company. We worked on a real consulting project and, at the end of the course, traveled to Prague to present our recommendations to the company's board of directors."

Eric M. Fresh
Graduation Year: 2006

"The Georgetown MBA faculty are knowledgeable about their disciplines, but they are also quite dynamic in how they present the course material. With a focus on international business, Georgetown MBA offers a unique curriculum. I have become knowledgeable in a broader range of business disciplines, which will make me a more capable and valuable asset to any firm."

Ankur Mittal
Graduation Year: 2005

"Since the class size is small, the student-to-professor ratio is lower, and there is a lot more personal attention. The professors really went the distance to help me."

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Student Body

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