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Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business

Dallas, TX
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Student Body

SMU Cox Says...

At SMU Cox, you will find a small, private school environment that’s team-oriented with open communication across faculty, staff, and students. The quality of your peers is equally matched with those of other top MBA programs in the United States. We welcome candidates from a broad cross section...
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Visiting And Contact Information

P.O. Box 750333

Dallas, TX 75275

United States

Phone: 214-768-1214

Fax: 214-768-3956


Student Body Profile
Total Enrollment: 544
Parent Institution Enrollment: 10,929
% Full-Time: 43%
Female: 29%
Minorities: 30%
International: 25%
% Part-Time: 57%
Female: 22%
Average Age at Entry: 28.00
Average Years of Work Experience: 4
Number of Foreign Countries Represented: 99
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Student Testimonials
Richard Morris
Graduation Year: 2005

“One year of preparation, 26,000 miles traveled, three cities, two countries, 11 amazing companies, 32 closer friends, a lifetime of memories. I don’t know why a trip like this is not a standard for all business programs.” American Airlines Global Leadership Program

Torrey Littlejohn
Graduation Year: 2005

“I think the strong relationships and accessibility enable our professors to be resources while we’re in school and later in our professional careers, particularly since SMU Cox professors have strong ties and influence with potential employers.”

Michael Castillo
Graduation Year: 2005

“I am an officer and very active in the Cox MBA Buyside Club. We focus on helping our members to develop their knowledge base regarding asset management, hedge funds, investment banking, and private equity industries. The Buyside Club allows me the opportunity to meet and network with the investment professionals not only in Dallas but also throughout Texas and the U.S.”

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Student Body

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