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Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Student Body

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Says...

A total of nearly 1,600 students were enrolled in the Carey Business School as of spring 2011. Of these, 85.6 percent were graduate degree candidates, 9.3 percent bachelor's degree candidates, and 5.1 percent were enrolled in graduate certificate programs. The student body delineates in an approximately 60:40 male-to-female ratio. Internat...
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Visiting And Contact Information

100 International Drive

Baltimore, MD 21202

United States

Phone: 410-234-9200

Fax: (410) 516-0826


Student Body Profile
Total Enrollment: 693
Parent Institution Enrollment: 20,000
Average Age at Entry: 32.00
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Key Statistics

Student Body

  • Total Enrollment:
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