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University of Rochester

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Academics and Majors

Rochester Says...

Academic Programs
The Rochester Curriculum is driven by students. There are no required subjects. Undergraduates take responsibility and build their education out of their own interests, goals, and aspirations. At Rochester, students are invited to learn what they love. The unique curriculum allows undergraduates to choose their major f...
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Rochester Students Say...

The University of Rochester’s “innovative core curriculum, where there are essentially no required classes,” is a strong draw for many students. This flexi­bility “is extremely rare and truly encourages personal exploration rather than conventional general education.” “Instead of the college telling us what we have to study…students must chart out ... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

300 Wilson Blvd

PO Box 270251

Rochester, NY 14627

United States

Phone: 585-275-3221

Fax: 585-461-4595


Majors & Special Programs
Academic Rating: 79
Most Popular Majors: Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Economics, General
Psychology, General
All Majors: Accounting
Accounting and Related Services
African-American/Black Studies
African-American/Black Studies
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Combined Degree Programs: BA/MD
Other Joint Degree Programs: Medicine, Education, Engineering
Special Study Options: Accelerated
Cross Registration
Double Major
Dual Enrollment
Honors Program
Liberal Arts Career Combo
Student Designed Major
Study Abroad
Teacher Certification

Other Special Study Options:
"Take 5" a fifth year tuition free to supplement regular requirements; Washington Semester Program; Rochester Curriculum (clusters); Quest Courses
Required Coursework: Humanities
Sciences (biological or physical)
Social science

Other required coursework:
1 semester primary writing
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Faculty & Class Information
Student Faculty Ratio:10:1
Total Faculty:779
Full-time & part-time faculty with Phds:640
Most Frequent Class Size:10 - 19
Most Frequent Lab & Sub-Section Size:10 - 19
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Academics & Majors

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