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Kettering University


Kettering University Says...

Admission to Kettering University is competitive and based on scholastic achievement and extracurricular interests, activities, and achievements. Applicants are required to have completed the following courses (one credit represents two semesters or one year of study): two credits algebra, one credit geometry, a half credit trigonometry, two credit... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

1700 University Ave.

Flint, MI 48504-6214

United States

Phone: 810-762-7865

Fax: 810-762-9837


Freshman Academic Profile
Admissions Selectivity Rating: 86
% Submitting Score:19%
     Critical Reading Middle 50%:530 - 660
     Math Middle 50%:610 - 690
% Submitting Score:94%
     ACT Middle 50%:25 - 30
     Math Middle 50%:25 - 31
     English Middle 50%:23 - 30
Average High School GPA:3.68
     % with GPA 3.75 of higher:47.3%
     % with GPA 3.50 - 3.74:26.49%
     % with GPA 3.25 - 3.49:18.1%
     % with GPA 3.0 - 3.24:7.57%
     % with GPA 2.5 - 2.99:0.54%
Students in Top Tenth of HS Class:28%
Students in Top Quarter of HS Class:66%
Students in Top Half of HS Class:96%
Freshman Student from Public School High Schools:71%
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Freshman Acceptance & Retention
Total applicants: 2,056
Total applicants who are accepted: 1,336
Total of accepted students who enroll: 376
% of students who return for their sophomore year: 92%
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Application Process
Application Fee: $35.00
Application Fee Waiver Available: Yes
Online Application Fee Policy:Same Fee
Notification Begins: 10/15
Transfer Students Accepted: Yes
TOEFL required for non-native English speakers: Yes
Housing Deposit Amount: $100.00
Housing Deposit Refundable: Yes, in full
Admission for Non-Fall Terms: Yes
Deferred Admission: Yes
Maximum Period of Postponement: 1 year
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Freshman Admissions Factors
Academic CriteriaImportance
Rigor of Secondary School Record:Very important
Class Rank:Important
Academic GPA:Very important
Standardized Test Scores:Very important
Application Essay:Considered
Non-Academic CriteriaImportance
Extracurricular Activities:Important
Talent / Ability:Not Considered
Character / Personal Qualities:Not Considered
First Generation:Not Considered
Alumni/ AE Relation:Not Considered
Geographical Residence:Not Considered
State Residency:Not Considered
Religious Affiliation / Commitment:Not Considered
Racial / Ethnic Status:Considered
Volunteer Work:Considered
Work Experience:Considered
Level of applicant's interest:Not Considered
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Freshman Academic Requirements
High School Completion:High school diploma required GED is accepted
Academic Units Required:
     Lab Science:2
     Foreign Language:0
     Social Studies:0
     Academic Electives:0
     Computer Science:0
     Visual / Performing Arts:0
Academic Units Recommended:
     Total Academic Units:21
     Lab Science:3
     Foreign Language:2
     Social Studies:2
     Academic Electives:0
     Computer Science:1
     Visual / Performing Arts:0
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Key Statistics


  • Admissions Selectivity Rating:
  • SAT:
  •      Reading Middle 50%:
    530 - 660
  •      Math Middle 50%:
    610 - 690
  • ACT:
  •      ACT Middle 50%:
    25 - 30
  •      Math Middle 50%:
    25 - 31
  •      English Middle 50%:
    23 - 30
  • Average HS GPA:
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