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University of Massachusetts - Boston


UMass Boston Says...

Freshman candidates must have at least 16 academic units in high school including four years of English, three of mathematics, three of science - two with laboratory requirements, two years of social science - one of those being US history, two years of a single foreign language, and two years of electives in the arts or computer science (excluding... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

100 Morrissey Boulevard

Boston, MA 02125-3393

United States

Phone: 617-287-6000

Fax: 617-287-5999


Freshman Academic Profile
Admissions Selectivity Rating: 81
% Submitting Score:81%
     Critical Reading Middle 50%:460 - 570
     Math Middle 50%:490 - 590
Average High School GPA:3.16
     % with GPA 3.75 of higher:14%
     % with GPA 3.50 - 3.74:13%
     % with GPA 3.25 - 3.49:14%
     % with GPA 3.0 - 3.24:18%
     % with GPA 2.5 - 2.99:34%
     % with GPA 2.0 - 2.49:7%
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Freshman Acceptance & Retention
Total applicants: 8,170
Total applicants who are accepted: 5,709
Total of accepted students who enroll: 1,313
% of students who return for their sophomore year: 77%
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Application Process
Application Fee: $60.00
Application Fee Waiver Available: Yes
Regular Application Deadline: 04/01
Priority Application Date: 03/01
Transfer Students Accepted: Yes
TOEFL required for non-native English speakers: Yes
Admission for Non-Fall Terms: Yes
Deferred Admission: Yes
Maximum Period of Postponement: 1 year
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Freshman Admissions Factors
Academic CriteriaImportance
Rigor of Secondary School Record:Very important
Class Rank:Not Considered
Academic GPA:Very important
Standardized Test Scores:Very important
Application Essay:Important
Non-Academic CriteriaImportance
Interview:Not Considered
Extracurricular Activities:Considered
Talent / Ability:Considered
Character / Personal Qualities:Very important
First Generation:Considered
Alumni/ AE Relation:Not Considered
Geographical Residence:Not Considered
State Residency:Not Considered
Religious Affiliation / Commitment:Not Considered
Racial / Ethnic Status:Not Considered
Volunteer Work:Considered
Work Experience:Considered
Level of applicant's interest:Considered
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Freshman Academic Requirements
High School Completion:High school diploma required GED is accepted
Academic Units Required:
     Total Academic Units:16
     Lab Science:2
     Foreign Language:2
     Social Studies:1
     Academic Electives:2
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Key Statistics


  • Admissions Selectivity Rating:
  • SAT:
  •      Reading Middle 50%:
    460 - 570
  •      Math Middle 50%:
    490 - 590
  • Average HS GPA:
  • Regular Application Deadline:
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