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Jackson, MS
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“Students at Millsaps think about their classwork first and foremost. After that, we think about hanging out with friends and having fun.” The campus is “so beautiful and filled with cozy spots that many students spend a lot of their time outside.” “While most schools have ‘the quad’ where students ... More More

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1701 North State Street

Jackson, MS 39210

United States

Phone: 601-974-1050

Fax: 601-974-1059


Student Housing

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Housing Options

Coed dorms Special housing for disabled student Men's dorms Women's dorms Fraternity/sorority housing Theme Housing

Student Activities


Student Activities

Academic Groups Fraternities Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Groups International Student Groups Literary Magazine Minority Student Groups Political Discussion Groups Religious Groups Singing Groups Social Services Group Sororities Speakers Forum Student Film Society Student Union Team Managers Theater Program
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Athletic Division :Division III Men's Sports Team Name :Majors Women's Sports Team Name :Lady Majors Team Mascot :Major
# of sports for women, varsity
# of sports for men, varsity

Women's Athletics List, Varsity

Basketball CrossCountry Golf Lacrosse Soccer Softball Tennis TrackFieldOutdoor Volleyball

Men's Athletics list, Varsity

Baseball Basketball CrossCountry Football Golf Lacrosse Soccer Tennis TrackFieldOutdoor

Student Services

Other Services
LGBT Support Groups
Minority Support Groups
Although all Millsaps students are invited and encouraged to be part of all programs and organizations, Millsaps has developed various services and programs that offer specific support to its minority students. Millsaps' MultiCultural Director advises students and develops and supports minority programs on campus. Among these are "Best Start," an orientation program geared towards freshman, and the "MCA Diversity Group", which offers discussion sessions on societal issues for the campus community regarding diversity. "Passages, Poetry and Pastries" (PPP) is another MCA program created to inform and broaden the lives of our community about issues on diversity. PPP is a monthly theme-based program created to include students, faculty and staff and promotes the appreciation of all cultural perspectives through educational and social interaction. Additionally, there are several on-campus organizations and programs that offer peer support and help students and others recognize that belonging to a national or ethnic group does not necessarily imply unanimity to a prescribed set of beliefs or interests among its members. A significant factor in the richness of the Millsaps campus life is the cooperation between racial and ethnic groups and the subsequent awareness of the wider population. The Black Student Association, Millsaps Masala, and the Jewish Cultural Organization are other key groups that all work to serve this important function at Millsaps College. See http://millsaps.edu/student_life/intercultural_and_international_student_programs_and_services.php for further information.

Technology On Campus / Facilities

Campus-wide Internet Network: Yes Email and Web Access Available: Yes % of Classrooms with Wireless Internet: 100% Number of Computer Labs / Classrooms: 20 Average Number of PC's per Lab: 20.00 Network Access in Dorm Rooms: Yes Network Access in Dorm Lounges: Yes Fee for Network Use: No Student Web Pages Permitted: Yes Student Web Pages Provided: Yes Partnerships with Technology Companies: Yes Online Class Registration Available: Yes Personal computer included in tuition for each student: No Require Undergraduates to Own Computers: No Undergraduates that Own Computers: 98% Discounts Available with Hardware Vendors: Yes Description: Dell, IN, Apple Webcasting, Digital Audio or Video-Streaming of Courses: Yes Webcasting, Digital Audio or Video-Streaming of Campus Radio / TV Stations: No Special Facilities: Millsaps’ W.M. Keck Center for Instrumental and Biochemical Comparative Archaeology is the only undergraduate facility of its kind in the world. The new multi-disciplinary research laboratory provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore complex archeological questions using advanced bioanalytical and biochemical techniques. 4-6 Keck Fellows assist each year in gathering the artifacts studied in the lab from the College’s archaeological field programs in Yucatán, Mexico, and northern Albania. The lab houses an inductively-coupled plasma spectrometer with laser ablation, a gas-chromotography spectrometer, a liquid-chromotography spectrometer, and a portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer. In addition, the college’s other labs include a unique array of spectrometers for measuring atomic absorption, infrared transitional modes, nuclear magnetic resonance, and other forms of energy; high performance chromatographs for separation and identification of compounds; electrophoresis instruments for analyzing biomolecules and other biological materials; and an inert atmosphere reaction chamber. Other facilities include a state-of-the-art molecular biology/functional genomics research laboratory; a fluorescence microscopy suite and imaging facility; a GIS workstation with Rockware and Arcview 9.1 GIS Software; a specially-designed automated 24-hour food monitoring system for rats; a microsurgical lab for animal surgeries; an on-campus hydrogeologic monitoring station to measure the water table and water levels in four on-campus wells; and a computational modeling lab for math, chemistry and physics students which provides numerical and graphical solutions in three dimensions. The College Sorbent and Environmental Laboratory provides undergraduates with opportunities for oil spill and stormwater remediation research.
Army ROTC Offered:At Cooperating Institutions: Jackson State University
Air Force ROTC Offered:At Cooperating Institutions: Jackson State University
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Campus Life & Facilities

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