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United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, MD
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Navy Students Say...

Midshipmen life is very difficult, but “the rewards are so great in four short years.” “It [is] a fantastic opportunity to serve my country and to secure a fantastic education and job immediately after I finish my undergraduate degree,” says one midshipman. Those who make it through all four years... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

52 King George Street

Annapolis, MD 21402

United States

Phone: 410-293-4361

Fax: 410-293-1815


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Graduation Rates

Freshman who graduate within 4 years
Freshman who graduate within 5 years
Freshman who graduate within 6 years


Median Starting Salary
Mid-Career Salary
Alumni with high job meaning
Alumni with high job satisfaction
Prominent Alumni
James E. CarterPresident of United States; Nobel Peace Prize
Alan B. ShepardFirst American in Space; Rear Admiral US Navy
Albert A. MichelsonFirst Nobel Laureate in Science from U.S.
Chester NimitzFleet Admiral, United States Navy
Roger T. StaubachNFL Hall of Fame, Businesman
James B. StockdaleMedal of Honor Awardee; Vice Admiral US Navy
John S. McCainUnited States Senator

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