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California Institute of Technology


Visiting And Contact Information

1200 East California Boulevard

Mail Code 1-94

Pasadena, CA 91125

United States

Phone: 626-395-6341

Fax: 626-683-3026


Graduation Rates
Freshman who graduate within 4 years:82%
Freshman who graduate within 5 years:89%

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Graduate School Admission
Students Pursuing Further Study Upon Graduation:53%
Students Going to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Upon Graduation:40%
Students Going to Law School Upon Graduation:1%
Students Going to Medical School Upon Graduation:3%

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Prominent Alumni
Frank Caprafilmaker
Linus PaulingNobel Prize - Chemistry, and Nobel Peace Prize
Charles TownesNobel Prize - inventor of the maser and laser.
Gordon Mooresemiconductor industry pioneer, cofounder, Intel
Harrison Schmittastronaut, U.S.Senator, businessman
Douglas OsheroffNobel Prize in physics
David HoTime magazine Man of the Year, 1996

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