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Hawai'i Pacific University


Visiting And Contact Information

1164 Bishop Street

Suite 200

Honolulu, HI 96813

United States

Phone: 808-544-0238

Fax: 808-544-1136


Graduate School Admission
Students Pursuing Further Study Upon Graduation:68%
Students Going to Business School Upon Graduation:45%
Students Going to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Upon Graduation:20%
Students Going to Law School Upon Graduation:5%
Students Going to Medical School Upon Graduation:3%

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Prominent Alumni
Noah Idechong1 0f 8 Time Magazine Hero's, Earth Day 2000
Carolyn SappMiss America, 1992
Benny AgbayaniFormer New York Mets baseball player
Alexander SperlDirector of Business Planning, Microsoft

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Key Statistics


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